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Do you use the web to succeed at work in ways you couldn’t before? Then we want to hear from you. We’re introducing a new feature, From the Field, about how real-life web workers work, and we invite you to participate. You don’t have to work […] Read more »

Can advanced “telepresence” — heavyweight fixed-location videoconferencing systems from the likes of Cisco, HP, and Polycom — help web workers be more effective? Could their HDTV-sharp life-size images make virtual meetings the standard and make business travel obsolete? Or is the untethered web workforce better served […] Read more »

Some tech companies are blasting cubicle and office walls, installing software developers and other workers into open-plan workspaces in a bid to increase communication and collaboration. But while open-plan workspaces certainly lead to more conversation, not everyone agrees that they’ll lead to greater productivity overall. Read more »

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Sometimes you’ll feel stuck and stagnant just when you need to come up with new ideas or new approaches. What to do? Try these websites and pages to shake up your thinking. Read more »

[qi:078] Jason Calacanis launched yet another discussion of the future of the web with his official definition of web 3.0, in which web 2.0 cake is spread with a liberal frosting of people, but not just any people — “gifted” people. Aside from its introduction of […] Read more »

You don’t have to be trained in computer science to build online applications. Web tools like DabbleDB, Coghead, and Ning turn almost anyone into a web app developer of sorts. Big enterprise software companies, seeing an opening, want to help too, with mashup makers like IBM’s […] Read more »

Adobe’s acquisition of Virtual Ubiquity, announced today, and Microsoft’s unveiling of Office Live Workspace bring yet more attention to online office apps. Whether online alternatives will entirely replace heavyweight desktop suites like MS office or remains to be seen. What is clear is that there’s […] Read more »

[qi:046]Almost four-fifths of Sweden’s population uses the Internet compared to just over 20 percent of Brazil’s, yet Brazil has beaten Sweden handily on at least one measure: Google availability. Uptime monitoring company Pingdom reports that from Sept. 1, 2006 to Sept. 1, 2007, Brazilians were only […] Read more »

As social interactions and contact information get distributed across different services like Facebook and Twitter, it’s harder for you to keep track of all your contacts and what’s happening with them. Yesterday, Web Worker Daily’s Samuel Dean reviewed Fuser, a universal inbox that lets you get […] Read more »

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BNET has a great article on managing employees in remote locations that includes tips for building trust. Trust is key to the effective functioning of any team, whether distributed geographically or not. Fortunately, you don’t have to meet face to face to create and maintain trust […] Read more »

CNET’s Caroline McCarthy welcomes the naked generation: It’s no longer noteworthy to point out that there are hordes of Web users who are putting their lives online, from revealing “personality surveys” posted in pink Comic Sans MS on glittery MySpace profiles, to Flickr play-by-plays of the […] Read more »

In 1986 Roger Smith, then chairman of General Motors said, “by the end of this century, we will live in a paperless society.” He didn’t get that quite right. If you’re like me, you probably still deal with paper regularly. You need to fax something with […] Read more »

Which way do you like this popular quote: “the best is the enemy of the good” or “the good is the enemy of the best”? If you like the first way — the way Voltaire said it — you’re ready for this tip. You probably know […] Read more »

As a followup to his NY Times column on Adblock Plus, Noam Cohen ponders the morality of blocking ads. But many of his commenters suggest that this is not a moral or ethical issue: it is an economic one. If enough people choose to block ads, […] Read more »

[qi:053] Economy watchers see recession as more likely after Friday’s weak jobs data. What does this mean for Web 2.0 hopefuls, now readying themselves for the fall conference season and dreaming of a Club Penguin style acquisition? The job numbers suggest generalized weakness not confined to […] Read more »

So you want a job that allows you to work from home or café while connecting online with people around the globe? But none of our new ways to make money online suit? Consider whether one of these more proven pathways to earning income online might […] Read more »

In the afterword to The Tipping Point in paperback, Malcolm Gladwell predicts that people will become immune to email over time: “the more email we get, the shorter and more selective and more delayed our responses become. These are the symptoms of immunity.” As some people […] Read more »

It’s been a hellacious summer in the skies over the U.S., as flight delays and cancellations soar. The New York Times reports that more than 100 domestic flights are regularly late by at least 15 minutes more than 70 percent of the time. And Business Week […] Read more »

ABC News writes that the future of the workplace has no office, only a headquarters in cyberspace, and cites IBM, Accenture, and Crayon as examples. If you’re lucky enough to work for one of those firms — and you want to work from home or café […] Read more »

Text messaging (also known as short message service or SMS) is growing in popularity, and not just with teenagers. Of course you can use it to keep in touch with people; that’s getting easier and cheaper all the time with offerings like Yahoo’s latest integration of […] Read more »

Do you ever wonder if you should be surfing more safely? Maybe your home wireless network isn’t secure. Maybe your usernames and passwords are floating around the coffee house wifi network, just waiting to be stolen. Maybe you need to set up a virtual private network. […] Read more »

There’s talk lately of the social graph problem: “people are getting sick of registering and re-declaring their friends on every site.” One proposed solution is to create an open, interoperable representation of our social relationships on the web. Web apps would use this unified contacts store […] Read more »

A bunch of venture capitalists, angel investors, and startup founders got together today for a one-day conference. A scene from San Francisco? Nope. Boulder, Colo. At the TechStars investor day, ten startup companies selected for a summer of learning, growing, and mountain beauty presented their achievements […] Read more »

While Jason Calacanis’ alpha Mahalo service has garnered attention for its human-powered approach to search, you might want to try Twitter instead. Gather some of your favorite people together and then, when you need specialized information or advice, ask them. You’ll be amazed what great results […] Read more »

Though your financial life may be the last thing you want to open up to some random stranger across the ‘net, you could manage your money better by doing it socially. Of course money management matters to web workers, because the better you manage your money, […] Read more »

You know the web changes work, keeping you connected with coworkers even when they’re far away, creating new money making opportunities, and plugging you into a global network of information resources. But have you considered how the web makes it easier than ever to find the […] Read more »

Networking for professional profit used to be the province of salespeople and politicians; now the web has made us all into schmoozers. Services like LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, and Plaxo Pulse make expanding your professional and social network as easy as spamming your Gmail contact list with […] Read more »

As of today, lead writer Judi Sohn will be taking over from me as editor of Web Worker Daily and Mike Gunderloy has been promoted to senior writer. I’ll continue writing for WWD as editor at large as well as doing occasional work on other GigaOM […] Read more »

by Susan Heid Sure, you’re getting things done. But for some of us, being able to drink a mug of something hot while Skyping, emailing and messaging isn’t enough. We want to burn calories too. That’s why, when I read about the workstation treadmills introduced by […] Read more »

Even if you love your work, there will be times when it no longer fills you with passion and energy. You feel emotionally exhausted and cynical. Your health suffers as stress mounts. You wonder whether you have the resources, internal or external, to meet your responsibilities. […] Read more »

ThinkFree invitations — Want to try ThinkFree, an online document editor? It’s in closed beta, but if you want a free premium account good through sometime late next year, send an email to The first 50 people to send an email will get instructions on […] Read more »

Angela Booth suggests that experienced writers can use journals as their idea banks: If you’ve been writing for a few years, your journal acts as your idea bank. It’s best to maintain several journals: one for ideas, another for essays, as well as a journal for […] Read more »

Use your real name — Penelope Trunk says you should blog under your real name, even though you’ll get harassed. Blogging’s great for networking and otherwise building your career. By the way, her name’s not really Penelope Trunk… but she can explain. [Brazen Careerist] Pimp your […] Read more »

If you’re feeling stagnant and you’re wanting some new challenge, you could ditch what you’re doing and start something altogether different. But that’s disruptive and scary. Author/speaker/coach Marci Alboher suggests an alternative in her book One Person/Multiple Careers: add a slash. Don’t stop what you’re already […] Read more »

by Ryan Healy As Generation Y or the Millennials leave their dorms behind and enter the real world, we are encountering a corporate world that is, for the most part, still stuck in its outdated ways. By the time my generation is given the reins, work […] Read more »

As the volume of email overwhelms some people and new communication channels arise, it becomes ever more possible for people to customize and personalize their communications to their workload and temperament. But communication involves at least two people, so somehow you have to get the word […] Read more »

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