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Semantic web believers including Tim Berners-Lee and Nova Spivack like to say that the social graph is part of their semantic world: the Giant Global Graph (GGG) as coined by Tim Berners-Lee. But the Giant Global Graph itself is like Dustin Hoffman’s autistic savant character Raymond […] Read more »

[qi:017] In this season of giving thanks, Netizens feel grateful for the sense of connectedness and reconnectedness brought by online social networks. The big news, after all, isn’t that our Facebook profiles will soon turn into virtual Tupperware parties but rather that we can use them […] Read more »

AT&T, largest phone company tells its workers: get back to the cubicles. For a company that sells broadband (and indirectly promotes Web Work), this is a decidedly backward looking move. Read more »

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It’s so great to get some time off from work during the holiday season. But planning Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday events can be a job of its own. Put web tools to work in your personal life as you plan get-togethers for family and friends. Read more »

[qi:046] YowTRIP will demonstrate its social networking site for frequent travelers next month at The Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup. Yes, Dopplr is already doing social networking for travelers, but YowTRIP uses destinations to create new social connections rather than just enhancing existing ones. Dopplr works well […] Read more »

Web Worker Daily writer Leo Babauta suggested recently that the best way to be productive with instant messaging may be just not to use it. Yet many web workers find that instead of decreasing their productivity, instant messaging enhances it. Researchers R. Kelly Garrett and James […] Read more »

[qi:014] Nearly one in four of the top 100 web sites in the U.S., including Google and YouTube, have 404 error pages largely devoid of any helpful information, in some cases not even the name of site you were (unsuccessfully) trying to access, according to Royal […] Read more »

Amazon doesn’t announce its e-book reader Kindle until tomorrow, but looks like that kat’s out of the bag. I find myself intrigued by the idea of e-book readers — but not $399 worth of intrigued. I’m thinking what electronics I might sooner spend a couple or […] Read more »

[qi:038] Wouldn’t it have been cool if Amazon built an e-book reader so inexpensive they could almost give it away for free, then make money by selling e-books for people to read on it (or selling upscale versions of the reader later)? Instead, they stuffed it […] Read more »

The New York Times covers Korean boot camps designed to combat web obsession, aimed at those whose usage of the web borders on addiction. Here are the alleged signs of such addiction: [An] inability to stop themselves from using computers, rising levels of tolerance that drive […] Read more »

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Next week, those of us here in the U.S. will celebrate our annual Feast of Gluttony…er, I mean Thanksgiving, a time devoted to expressing gratitude for all the good things in our lives, including — and in some cases especially — really yummy food. And thus […] Read more »

Alex Harris of Alex Designs runs a 100%-online web consulting and design business. Describe your job/career/business Interactive creative director managing an agency ( that is focused on Web Based Customer Acquisition and Conversion of eCommerce, Lead Generation and Traffic Building. Our team delivers effective creative that […] Read more »

Ben Worthen, Biz Tech blogger for the Wall Street Journal, got a nasty comment by email recently: We received this email the other day in response to our post about Google’s mobile-phone operating system: “You are a moron…Hopefully you have not (and will not) procreate. It […] Read more »

Oracle made its official debut on the social web party scene this week at the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 conference in San Francisco. Previously a Web 2.0 wallflower, the database and business applications company has joined the scene with gusto, launching social networking for its customers and […] Read more »

If you have the itch to work from home but not as an employee, how about checking out StartupNation’s Top 100 Home-based Businesses? These are not mere business ideas but actual home-based businesses organized into ten categories including Best Financial Performers, Yummiest, and Most Slacker-Friendly. According […] Read more »

Google’s apparently thinking that by attracting developers they can give Android, their mobile phone platform, the best chance at success. Targeting developers, though, is not the only way to find success with new technology: some companies succeed by going directly after users while others ride on […] Read more »

ActiveSymbols’ Eyealike visual search launches in beta today, allowing you to find dates that look like someone else you find attractive — the person that dumped you last year, your favorite coworker, or America’s Next Top Model, for example. If you’re not in the market for […] Read more »

The wild proliferation of online meeting tools makes it easier than ever to collaborate across distances — except that before you can use one you have to choose from among all those tools. Which one is right for you? I’ve rounded up nine you might consider: […] Read more »

A couple of weeks ago, Edelman marketing strategist Steve Rubel declared the Web 2.0 world to be skunk drunk on its own Kool Aid. But I’ve seen signs of sobriety recently. Kleiner Perkins has said no more Web 2.0 startups. Teqlo shut down abruptly once investors […] Read more »

Are you excited about how the web reinvents television like it reinvents work? Then make time in your schedule to attend NewTeeVee Live, a one-day event on November 14th in San Francisco from our sister site NewTeeVee. It will showcase the online video industry’s hottest topics, […] Read more »

[qi:011] EXCLUSIVE: Mashup maker startup Teqlo has shut down. This less than four months after VC Peter Rip, then of Teqlo investor Leapfrog Ventures, shared the growing pains Teqlo was suffering after realizing that the world didn’t want yet another do-it-yourself application builder. “Over the next […] Read more »

Judi Sohn doesn’t just edit Web Worker Daily, she’s also an executive at nonprofit C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition. She works remotely for the Alexandra, Virginia based organization from her home in New Jersey (or anywhere else she happens to be). Describe your job/career/business. You may know […] Read more »

Being able to reuse and remix others’ online content means opportunities for both creative expression and profit. But once you start down that web working path, you’ll almost certainly confront legal issues around copyright and fair use. In a TED video made available this month, Stanford […] Read more »

[qi:017] The dueling advertising announcements out of Facebook and MySpace have once again put privacy concerns into the spotlight. Technology commentator Esther Dyson suggests that instead of legislative relief such as a Do Not Track list, forward-thinking businesses should cooperate with their customers and potential customers […] Read more »

[qi:012] Facebook moved first with the F8 platform. Then Google (GOOG) and a coalition of other social networks responded with OpenSocial. Now, at today’s Defrag conference, semantic web startup AdaptiveBlue has announced ClosedPrivate, the latest strike in the worldwide social applet war. CEO and founder Alex […] Read more »

Well, that’s a disappointment. There’s no GPhone, just a GMobileOS with a seriously robotic name. And even that’s mainly a PR play at this point. We won’t see any phones running Android until the second half of 2008. But despite the vaporous aspect of these discussions, […] Read more »

Social information sharing startup HiveLive launches their LiveConnect Community Platform today at the Defrag conference in Denver, but it’s not HiveLive’s first appearance on the web scene. In 2006, they opened a private beta that looked to some like just another Web 2.0 social sharing site. […] Read more »

Can you make money by giving stuff away on the web? Yes, but it’s not straightforward or easy, as Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has discovered. He says, “Free is more complicated than you think.” By sharing your work online you might be able to increase sales […] Read more »

[qi:010] MySpace has signed on to OpenSocial, bringing to its 100-plus million users the wonders of mini social applications à la Facebook F8. MySpace (NWS) already announced plans to open their platforms to third-party developers, but the Google (GOOG) connection comes as a bit of a […] Read more »

This week’s field report comes from Gautam Ghosh, an HR consultant and micro-community founder based in Hyderabad, Indian. Gautam combines home-based prospecting for opportunities with on-site work. Describe your job/career/business I’m a Human Resource Consultant based in Hyderabad, India. How has the web changed your working […] Read more »

[qi:021] Maybe Google should have doodled a vampire on their home page today, in honor of Halloween and their announcement of OpenSocial, a set of APIs that allows web developers to write applications once, then deploy them on a variety of different social networking platforms. This […] Read more »

Do you use any rich Internet applications (RIAs)? Applications that regularly communicate with the Internet, but offer a desktop-like user experience? I use at least three applications I’d label as RIAs: Adium for instant messaging integration, Twitterific for interacting with Twitter, and iTunes for playing web […] Read more »

[qi:021] Can social web applications like blogs, wikis, and online communities make a company more productive? Enterprise collaboration company Jive Software thinks they can, by enabling social productivity — making things happen across ad hoc social networks instead of just relying on individual progress or within-the-workgroup […] Read more »

Today’s field report comes from Amie Gillingham, co-founder with her husband of an online service for artists who represent themselves. Mother of two and a fine artist, Amie works from home at her dining room table. Describe your job/career/business My husband and I are entrepreneurs, and […] Read more »

Time blogger Bill Tancer likes to get work done while watching TV: Lately I’ve been obsessed with couch multitasking — either working over e-mail while watching the tube, or in most cases adding depth to what I see on the television with real-time web-based research. Tonight, […] Read more »

Radar Networks has unveiled its semantic web application Twine, a “revolutionary new way to share, organize, and find information.” Twine offers personal or workgroup knowledge management with natural language processing smarts. Twine allows you to organize, find, and share information in the form of notes, bookmarks, […] Read more »

[qi:074] There’s big action in search engines these days: see Web Worker Daily’s list of 11 alternative search engines, Read/Write Web’s top 100, and the GigaOM show’s opening question to Google’s (GOOG) Marissa Mayer about the spate of search engine competitors. But even as would-be Googles […] Read more »

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