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Travel review site Kango, which brings together traveler opinions from across the web, then analyzes them using natural language analysis and travel-specific term matching to help you find the perfect hotels and activities for your next vacation, said it entered “almost beta” today. Kango’s “almost beta” […] Read more »

Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk on how to improve your job just by dumping stuff from your to do list: You define what your job by what you focus on. If we focus on everything, our job is nothing. I dumped things that are essential to some […] Read more »

Chuck Brotman is the Director of Sales Engineering for ON24, a webcasting and rich media marketing company based in San Francisco. He’s seen the web impact the sales organization in terms of convenience, speed and productivity. Describe your job/career/business I work as the director of sales […] Read more »

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Kids’ plush toy social network has started running advertising, a move that, if recent articles in New York Times and Silicon Alley Insider are to be believed, has greatly upset parents. In fact, whatever controversy exists seems to have been manufactured by a nonprofit group […] Read more »

Long-time telecommuter Pete Johnson offers some great tips for holding a web meeting, which he sums up like this: Distribute a numbered agenda before the meeting that clearly defines why each person’s attendance is necessary and follow it during the proceedings. It’s too easy for people […] Read more »

With 2008 right around the corner, it’s worth looking back at 2007. I had thought — or at least hoped — that people would stop talking about hybrid web/desktop apps this year because Internet access would be nearly ubiquitous. Was I right? Not exactly. Read more »

The web change work in so many ways: where we can work, who we work with, how we work. Here are the books from 2007 that help define the ways the web changes work, from the practical to the theoretical. I’ve left out profession-specific book such […] Read more »

Marci Alboher of the New York Times Shifting Careers blog offers five useful time management tips this morning, including this one: 4. Find your rhythm and schedule around it. I work at home and I work best when I have large expanses of available time to […] Read more »

Social networking is starting to enter its next phase: distributed social networking. And some are looking to open-source blogging platform WordPress to be its foundation. Read more »

Wondering if you’re going to look like a dork on your next video chat? Check out these top ten tips to be video ready from video chat and videoconference service SightSpeed. Each of the tips comes with its own funny video demonstration. If you’re looking to […] Read more »

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VoIP startup Jaxtr said today that it has attracted 5 million registered members, up from 500,000 users 140 day ago, making the company “the fastest-growing Internet communications service in history — ahead of Skype, Hotmail and ICQ,” according to its press release. But where is the […] Read more »

The U.S. economy has been looking kind of iffy lately. What’s the job market outlook for 2008? Web workers want to know. Good news: The U.S. economy continues to grow (albeit slowly). Last Friday, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest job numbers, estimating […] Read more »

Although LinkedIn wants to emulate Facebook’s success by drawing users and applications through the use of a similar portal strategy, LinkedIn is no Facebook. Today the professional networking service unveils two new features that demonstrate how LinkedIn might reach out. Read more »

Joshua Porter runs a design and consulting company that focuses on designing social web applications. He left full-time employment this summer to found Bokardo Design and now works out of his home office. Josh blogs at Bokardo. Describe your job/career In August of this year I […] Read more »

Google Talk gives you instant messaging, Gmail notifications, voice calling from PC to PC, and file transfers (though the last three are not available in Gmail chat or the Gtalk gadget). Recently, they’ve added group chat and AIM integration too. You can access it in a […] Read more »

Spend too much time worrying about getting your desk perfectly clean and your work perfectly excellent and you might put yourself at risk for psychological problems. A slavish devotion to perfection can be psychologically unhealthy, according to Benedict Carey writing for The New York Times: [Several] […] Read more »

When you get book recommendations from Amazon or music suggestions from, they’re based not just on your own shopping and surfing history, but on the preferences of people who like the same things you do. It’s called collaborative filtering, and it’s not always an ideal […] Read more »

I was checking out personalization service matchmine today and it made me think of vs. Pandora for finding music to listen to while I work. uses collaborative filtering — recommending music based on what people with similar taste in music like — while Pandora […] Read more »

Google’s Marissa Mayer, VP of search products & user experience, proposed Google Trends as a way of polling the populace, suggesting in a webcast yesterday that Trends could help predict who will win an election. Mayer showed how Google Trends accurately predicted George W. Bush’s dominance […] Read more »

What was the most memorable new product launched this year? Why, the Apple iPhone of course. Schneider Associates, comScore, IRI, and BNP Media’s New Product Magazine surveyed more than 1,000 consumers across the U.S. to find the most memorable new product launches for 2007. Here’s the […] Read more »

There’s this idea wandering around the web that less is better: less work, generally, and less writing and blogging and especially less press release rehashing. But more and faster conversation about technology means more chances for interesting ideas and useful analysis to emerge. There’s certainly a […] Read more »

While some companies ban Facebook and similar social networking services, other employers like Serena Software embrace it. Serena has implemented “Facebook Fridays” on which employees are encouraged to use an hour to update their Facebook profiles and connect with co-workers, family, and friends on the site. […] Read more »

I always feel a little funny when I describe my work life to people who don’t use the web much. There are so many misconceptions about what goes on online: that it’s somehow dirty, that it involves fake social interactions, even that it’s slightly deviant. Apparently […] Read more »

Advertisers may have so far lagged behind consumers with their online migration, but they’ll shrink that gap over the next couple of years, according to a forecast from ZenithOptimedia. The media-buying firm projects that online advertising spending will overtake radio spending in 2008 — and magazine […] Read more »

Samuel offered some Great Gadget Gifts for Web Workers but I have enough stuff in my electronics closet. Here are a few non-gadget gift suggestions for the web worker in your life: Slippers that look like real shoes. This is an ideal gift for home-based workers […] Read more »

Today Yahoo! Buzz unveils its Top Trends in Search for 2007 with the top ten news stories, top ten troubled celebrities, and the top ten in tech. But beyond those categories, Yahoo’s lists reminded me that web search is not simply about finding information; it’s often […] Read more »

When I saw that Om was asking for under-$250 camera recommendations on our mother site, GigaOM, it struck me that the digital camera is a key piece of equipment for many web workers. Not only can you use one to produce just the right image for […] Read more »

Euan Semple writes at The Obvious that the Christmas season could be a good time to get your workplace to try out social software because of the surplus of time people have: One of the most common reasons given for not becoming engaged online is time. […] Read more »

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start speculating about what will be hot and what will be not in 2008. After all, 2007 was not the Year of the Widget, despite what Newsweek predicted. If anything, it was the Year of Facebook. But what about that business networking contender, LinkedIn? Could 2008 be the year of business networking? Read more »

Facebook may announce alterations to the Beacon social advertising system as early as today, according to BusinessWeek. Perhaps Facebook will now allow global opt-out of publishing third-party activities on the Facebook site — and this would appease many who have complained. But that may not go […] Read more »

Alex Iskold writes on Read/WriteWeb that there’s no money in the long tail of the blogosphere. What he means is: if you’re trying to make decent money by selling advertising on your niche blog (i.e., your blog that caters to the needs of a few in […] Read more »

2007 was supposed to be the Year of the Widget, according to Newsweek, and Jon Swartz of USA Today apparently agrees that the promise has been fulfilled. He says: [Widgets] are all the rage on the Web. Marketers are thinking of ways to use them to […] Read more »

Today 19Marketplace announced its Workplace2go offering, a hosted set of business applications available on a pay-as-you-go basis. The offering includes WebEx Web Office, WebEx Web Conferencing, Microsoft Exchange Email, Blackberry Mobile Service, and more. As I wrote on GigaOM, this may be just the thing for […] Read more »

Sure small businesses benefit greatly from the proliferation of Web 2.0 offerings like Zoho’s online office suite and Mozy’s backup solutions. But software as a service (SaaS) provider 19Marketplace hopes that many small business owners will instead prefer one-stop shopping for hosted brand-name applications. In partnership […] Read more »

According to The Wall Street Journal, plenty of people still use a Rolodex to manage their contacts’ name and address data: More than 20 years after the digital revolution that forecasted the paperless office, the “rotary card file” — best known by the market-leading brand name, […] Read more »

Today web-based word processor Zoho Writer moves further into Microsoft Word’s territory with the announcement of offline editing capabilities. Zoho enabled offline read-only review of documents in August. With features like this, Zoho’s office apps might someday entirely replace Microsoft Office in the toolbox of many web […] Read more »

Today web-based word processor Zoho Writer moves further into Microsoft Word’s territory with the announcement of offline editing capabilities. Zoho enabled offline read-only review of documents in August. With features like this, Zoho’s office apps might someday entirely replace Microsoft Office in the toolbox of many […] Read more »

Consumer sentiment in the U.S. is falling. People are planning to spend less for the holidays this year, pointing to higher energy prices and a bleak economic outlook. What if cranky consumers stop creating content for free even as they open up their wallets for Black […] Read more »

We’re pleased to pull the cover off Web Worker Daily’s site makeover tonight. The lighter background combined with a wider main column width should give a fresher reading experience. Plus, we’ve added a box with featured articles at the top so you’ll be sure to find […] Read more »

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