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I was recently introduced to the Drobo box. If you’re not familiar with it, simply put, it’s the ultimate home backup server. For $400, you get a BeyondRAID array that can support up to 4 simultaneous drives, and caps at 16TB. Even cooler is the ability […] Read more »

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I love discovering things by accident. It makes me feel much more in tune with the device or operating system. So with any product I get my hands on, I immediately get to know it as well as I can. What can it do? What can’t […] Read more »

Windows has developed what they feel is the next generation of computing, the tablet PC. We’ve seen Bill Gates strongly advocate the tablet as the true “next generation” platform for computing. But I disagree, and here’s why. Handwriting schmandwriting I still argue that writing recognition on […] Read more »

The question for the past few years has been simple: who’s going to make it into the living room first. The market is growing, features are being added, but no clear victor has been declared. I think I may have come upon a conclusion that appeases […] Read more »

The Apple TV’s new found friends may have brought it up to par with several of its competitors, but does it compare to Apple’s own standards? With a completely redesigned UI and a slew of new features, the Apple TV seems a new breed of set […] Read more »

Can you foresee an Apple horizon, where one day the average Mac consumers out weigh a PC user? How long do you think that’ll take to happen? The iPod began a new quest for Apple. A company set on innovation has taken our hearts with a […] Read more »

Valentines is coming up, what are you planning to get the Mac Fanatic in your life? Considering the slew of Apple products out there, it would be simple to just pick up your loved one an Apple TV or an iPod. But for those of you […] Read more »

When it comes to harnessing your Mac’s power for video encoding, you’re left with two choices: digital or physical. Digital Handbrake is the go to source for creating digital copies of your video. With Handbrake you can pop in a DVD and select the appropriate preset. […] Read more »

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I think Apple made a few too many assumptions when creating the MacBook Air (MBA), but will that translate to a failed product? I highly doubt it. The Developer Assumption I think Apple made three assumptions when developing the MBA for the subnotebook demographic: Subnotebook users […] Read more »

I was getting my weekly dose of TED Talks when I saw J.J. Abrams as a speaker. If you haven’t ever heard of TED Talks, Abrams’ is a great one to start with. His antics are hilarious and it results in a strong presence on-stage. In […] Read more »

For those of you who have far too many sites to log into and far too short of a memory to remember them all, this program will save your life. 1Password is a simple, elegant system that incorporates itself into most browsers and like Keychain, will […] Read more »

Being a minimalist I quickly became captivated by Apple’s ability to streamline multiple functions into single, easy to use applications. OS X is a clear example of this consistency, every bar, every window and every feature all reflect an over arching goal of practicality and use. […] Read more »

Apple certainly did “Think Different” when they began using the white body iMacs. Soon it transcended across all Apple products and accessories. Is a new trend coming? One away from the white light? From the launch of the iPhone it became clear that Apple was reinventing […] Read more »

As part of my Leopard switch, I set one goal for myself: run nothing but Intel native applications. That meant finding a clear alternative for Microsoft Office. Pages Sticking with the iWork ‘08 trial, I began my migration quickly and easily. All my Word documents changed […] Read more »

People are looking for a cheap, preferably free, way of getting universal access. Question is who will achieve it first, and who will get it right? Cloud computing seems to be all the rage these days, from business collaboration tools, like Document & Spreadsheet apps, to […] Read more »

As much as it saddens me to admit this, I must say it. I’m not the fanboy I thought I was. Gary Allen has completely shown me up. His devotion for Apple compels him to attend Apple store openings globally. What is this fascination and how […] Read more »

Everyone still seems hot and bothered that the Apple TV remains nothing more than a “hobby.” But if you consider a couple years ago, Steve Jobs assured us that Apple is listening, and that they understand user demands. What has this translated to us over time? […] Read more »

This so called “iPhone killer” is probably going to kill itself. The Good Based on the LG Viewty’s microsite alone, the most touted feature is clearly the 5 megapixel camera on its back. It has flash, a manual focus, and an image stabilizer as well. On […] Read more »

The Apple nay-sayers of today offer what they think is a solid argument against the Apple consumer; that Apple’s “game” is solely based on good looks alone and, as such, Apple consumers are nothing more then superficial ego-consumers who buy the product solely for social value. […] Read more »

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