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Are Cylons in our future? Robots can already perform complicated tasks — from navigating mountain roads to winning on quiz shows. Daniel Butler explains how science fiction is starting to look more like science fact. Read more »


Silicon Valley startups may be trying to free the entertainment industry from Hollywood’s death grip. But anyone who wants to kill Hollywood deserves a history lesson in its tenacious will to survive. Screenwriter Steven E. de Souza and CEO Sunil Rajaraman explain why. Read more »


Matt Howard of Norwest Venture Partners predicts that 2012 and 2013 will be Hadoop’s breakout years. Howard gives us insight into the five factors that will accelerate Hadoop’s mainstream adoption over the next 18 months. Read more »

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Although some believe the death of brick-and-mortar retail is inevitable, Mark Sigal, CPO of Unicorn Labs, thinks we all have a vested interest in seeing the industry reboot itself for the modern age. He outlines three paths for physical retail stores to avoid extinction here. Read more »

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Rapid adoption of OS X Mountain Lion would clearly threaten Microsoft. But after digging into Apple’s new operating system, Edward Aten of thinks it poses a threat to another, less obvious, company — the current leader in the consumer cloud, Facebook. Read more »

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When Amazon Web Services launched AWS Storage Gateway last month, the move seemed logical, almost expected. Carlos Escapa, CEO of VirtualSharp Software, argues that the real challenge lies not in restoring data, but in recovering services when disaster strikes. Read more »


Businesses are struggling with how to evaluate the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Currently, most companies are using metrics that fail to provide a clear picture of which marketing programs are increasing their revenues. Here, Sudha Jamthe outlines five metrics that accurately measure success. Read more »

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With its new iOS app, Clear, Realmac Software has taken the “less is more” axiom to its ultimate conclusion. Fjord’s Alfred Lui and Aynne Valencia explain why we’ll soon see more of this stripped-down approach to interface design, thanks to three big industry trends. Read more »

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As the former CEO of OpenTable, Jeff Jordan can attest that most CEOs believe they intuitively know which product developments will make the biggest impact. In this article, Jordan makes a compelling case for letting data — and not the CEO — drive product development. Read more »

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It’s become almost cliche to bemoan the state of infrastructure monitoring and management tools. Cliff Moon, the CTO of Boundary, cuts through the litany of complaints and explains why it’s time for us to think of monitoring in a new way. Read more »

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Charlie Oppenheimer may be a fan of Amazon Web Services. But, as he explains here, he’s long felt that the economics of the choice between self-hosted and cloud provider had more texture to it than the patently attractive sounding “10 cents an hour.” Read more »


Twenty-one cleantech startups from across the U.S. competed for a grand prize of $250,000 in investment and services at this year’s Cleantech Open Business Competition. And the winners are . . . Read more »

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