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What does the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display mean for Apple? How about another $1 billion in pure profit. Apple’s profit from MacBook lines declined from 2011 to 2012, but all that is about to change with its product refresh. Rags Srinivasan does the math. Read more »


These days, WordPress acts more like a development framework or a PaaS (Platform as a Service), says WooThemes CEO Adii Pienaar. And in the last year, several new services have sprung up to help make WordPress a platform in the truest sense of the word. Read more »

Google search engine_MoneyBlogNewz

For the last year, the FTC has been investigating whether Google is operating fairly in its search results. Internet law expert Marvin Ammori argues that if the FTC is serious about protecting consumers, it should take an industry-wide look at search engine transparency and labeling. Read more »

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GigaOM’s Structure event this week reminds me of the well-documented relationship between economic crises and technological innovation: Hard times bring out the best in entrepreneurs, precipitating a creative destruction that resets the technology infrastructure and transforms business. From my vantage point here in the Silicon Valley, […] Read more »


According to CEO Sachin Kamdar, the problem with shares data is solvable. And as accurate social data becomes increasingly important, the first publisher to fully take advantage of this information will reap massive benefits and potentially reinvent how editorial decisions are made. Read more »


Now that businesses have collected and stored all of this data, how are they going to protect it? And most importantly, how are they going to use if safely and legitimately? ISF’s Steve Durbin outlines the five key issues surrounding big data and information security. Read more »

free speech_Newtown grafitti

As general counsel for Avvo, Josh King has responded to hundreds of lawsuit threats — all for activity that is soundly protected by the First Amendment. Here, King outlines three areas where he believes companies can take a stand to protect free speech on the Internet. Read more »

Huxley_Abode of Chaos

After years away, Rags Gupta returned to online publishing only to discover a brave new world in advertising. But although the formats, tools and technologies have changed, there are truisms that continue to hold. Gupta warns that we would be well-advised to remember them. Read more »

time machine_thethreesisters

Joe Weinman, senior vice president at Telx, recaps the 2012 IEEE Technology Time Machine symposium. At this year’s event in Silicon Saxony, discussions ranged from emerging nanotechnologies to application-layer services. Speakers included James Truchard, CEO of National Instruments, and UC Berkeley professor Leon Chua. Read more »

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Acquisitions can add to your earnings, speed your entry into new markets, and help you acquire intellectual property more quickly. But like a marriage, acquisitions should never be decided on a whim. M&A advisor Marty Wolf offers his advice on how to create a lasting union. Read more »

Sites like Pinterest need GPUs.

When we enable innate behaviors online, the result is far more significant than the creation of a new market, says Pearltrees’ Oliver Starr. Starr explains why he believes that today’s curation startups are paving the way for the full and complete democratization of the Web. Read more »


Many people would argue that Apple is the strongest company today. But if you applied the Apple valuation on Facebook’s revenue, Facebook would trade at $10 billion, not $57 billion (as of market close), down from more than $100 billion on its inaugural IPO date. Read more »

lock and key_hellogreenstar

Privacy was often an afterthought for small companies, but that’s changing in the era of big data. As TRUSTe’s CEO, Chris Babel has seen the impact privacy can have on a startup — for better or worse. Here, he offers tips on how to avoid the pitfalls. Read more »


Companies today are often so focused on growth that they commit one (or several) software development sins. Magne Land, the tech lead at RightScale, outlines these seven deadly sins and offers his advice on how to avoid committing these critical errors. Read more »

thumbtacks and paper_Marcus Jeffrey

In his post yesterday, David Galbraith shared lessons from his experience launching Wists, a visual bookmarking website that predated Pinterest. Today, Galbraith looks at the general history of visual bookmarks and grid sites that paved the way for Pinterest’s $1.5 billion valuation. Read more »

Mirchandani_Tech Elite Cover Sep 2011

The Valley dismisses corporate America when it comes to technological innovation. Likewise, corporate America knows little about tech companies’ world class operations. Technology strategist Vinnie Mirchandani argues that both sides should wake up to the consumerization of enterprise tech and the enterprising of consumer tech. Read more »

green apple_miamism

What should Apple do with its $110 billion pile of cash? Buy Foursquare and Square, says Mor Naaman. Apple would immediately become a giant payments company, and it could completely take over the local point-of-sale market. In this article, Naaman makes his case for the deal. Read more »

Be Free_bixentro

Enterprise 2.0 is one of the best opportunities in the technology market. And forward-looking companies are realizing that they need to attract the user, not the IT department. Scott Irwin of Rembrandt Venture Partners breaks down the key components to an effective freemium go-to-market effort. Read more »

superhero_aka Kath

Every tech company tries to hire the best talent available, but there is a lot more to building a great team than just putting a group of talented individuals in a room. Greg Brockman of Stripe shares his top tips for creating an awesome team. Read more »

charismatic cock

Charisma can make the world go round — it makes people want to do what you want them to do. In an excerpt from her book, “The Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism,” Olivia Fox Cabane explores charisma’s power. Read more »


Apple and Google’s ascent are directly related to Bill Gates’ decision to step down as Microsoft’s CEO. So how did they end up with such completely different strategies? Mark Sigal examines seven attributes of Microsoft’s playbook and looks at how the two companies have responded. Read more »

x-ray specs cat_i eated a cookie

Active eyewear is a platform play, not a product. Brian McConnell gives his take on the winning strategy for Google: Focus on enabling technologies, such as micro projectors and short-range wireless, and leverage Android as a development framework. Read more »

dinosaur on a platform_Sodanie Chea

Apps are undergoing a “Cambrian explosion” of availability, and the new place of business is on the buyer’s device. In order to avoid extinction, businesses need to evolve into platforms. Sam Ramji of Apigee lays out a game plan for survival. Read more »


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has gained unstoppable momentum. And thanks to the burgeoning mobile app market, employees have high expectations for these tools. According to Matt McLarty of Layer 7 Technologies, companies need to invest in building apps, period. Read more »

just a shutter trick

For most people, 4G feels a little faster, but not anything close to the 10 times we were promised. What’s going on here? Ed Robinson of Riverbed Technology thinks we’ve made websites so obese that the networks can’t keep up. Read more »

raining money_NeoGaboX

Members of social sites can get prickly when it comes to advertising. But even the most buzz-worthy social media startups need revenue to survive. Whether you use sponsorships, ads, or affiliate marketing, SkimLinks’ CEO Alicia Navarro has tips to help you monetize your social site. Read more »

Gilad_Moving to The Cloud Part 2_brain image

In the wake of CloudStack’s announcement, Cloudscaling’s CTO, Randy Bias, takes issue with its claims of “AWS compatibility” and “true Amazon-style architecture.” According to Bias, “no one should be under the illusion that CloudStack is more AWS/Amazon compatible than any other open source cloud software.” Read more »

caution books_quinn.anya

By requiring retailers to encrypt e-books with DRM, big publishers are essentially banning online indie bookstores and increasing their own dependence on the whims of Apple and Amazon. Emily Gould and Ruth Curry of Emily Books look at the problem DRM poses indie booksellers. Read more »

collaboration_Ernst Vikne

Effective teamwork is one of the most critical keys to success. As a result, collaboration tools are one of the hottest sectors in software. Blaine Mathieu of Mindjet maps out five important trends in collaboration solutions. Read more »

checking pulse_El Payo

For all of the debate, one thing is for sure: social media in medicine is here to stay. But when it comes to the availability of trustworthy information, we still have a ways to go.’s Mark Britton offers his prescription for better online healthcare. Read more »


IT has entered a state of bloated chaos. In a recent study, 78 percent of IT executives said their management system had become so unwieldy, they couldn’t pinpoint where the transactions slowed down. According to IPsoft’s Chetan Dube, autonomics are the solution. Read more »


Amazon continues to defy gravity deep into its second decade. That’s terrible news for consumers and competitors says Michael Schreck of Zmags. E-commerce needs competition to innovate. But for that to happen, we need to ditch the old e-commerce model, and embrace discovery shopping. Read more »


Based on statistical modeling, Rags Srinivasan believes there is only a .25 percent chance that Pinterest is making enough money to support its $200 million valuation. Here, Srinivasan considers all the scenarios — not just the most optimistic ones — to show us how much Pinterest earns. Read more »

thumb tack

Information from Facebook on user “interests” is nothing compared to the affinity data that could be mined from Pinterest. The potential to aggregate, analyze, and deploy the site’s data is huge. Baynote CTO Scott Brave examines the types of affinity data that Pinterest could monetize. Read more »

lightning clouds

Who will become the standard platform for cloud computing? The stakes are massive, and not simply because of the burgeoning spending on compute as a utility. At stake is control over the applications that run on cloud platforms. Michael Driscoll of Metamarkets sizes up the competition. Read more »


Software services and applications are becoming increasingly intertwined with users’ lives, and this connection is leading to greater privacy concerns. Geoffrey Woo and Jon Zhang of Glassmap say there are four things that really matter: real-time adaptiveness, transparency, the right amount of privacy, and user-service symmetry. Read more »

Mann_Cloud Computing Teen Years_cloud image

Cloud computing is growing up, and it’s time for IT management to loosen its grip. It won’t be an easy transition, and each environment requires its own solution. Andi Mann of CA Technologies offers some suggestions on how to deal with the change. Read more »

Caldas_Build Successful Music Startup_music notes

Although it’s now simpler and more efficient than ever to create a compelling music destination, only a few digital music outlets today are truly successful. Merlin’s CEO Charles Caldas explains why so many services fail, and so few succeed. Read more »

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