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If you need a smarter alternative to Apple’s Mail, this may be just the thing. Postbox 2.0 is a Mozilla-based email client that prides itself on saving you time and keeping you organized. It has support for plug-ins, native archiving, to-do tags and tabs. Read more »

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The rumors of Adobe being bought by Apple come up every so often. Apple could easily afford such a purchase and the results would be interesting. I would love to see Adobe restructured by a company like Apple. Adobe has many applications that are the gold […] Read more »


The iPhone OS is pitched as the entire Internet in your pocket…minus Flash. This works most of the time, but what if you just want to design a site or form that looks like a native iPhone App? This is where iWebKit comes in. iWebKit is […] Read more »


Chiptunes are everywhere, and if you’ve been intrigued by them, this article will help you create your very own out of just about any song. Chiptunes are traditionally created using sound chips from old computer systems and game consoles. Some of the best examples of chip […] Read more »


The iTunes LP is the new format Apple has been pushing in iTunes. It’s more like a DVD than anything else. You have menus, music, photos, liner notes and videos. Since this is such a fresh format, not many albums are available in it yet. The […] Read more »

From the frozen tundra of Minnesota I hail, not by choice but by birth. I bring with me a head full of useless knowledge and trivia. I know, “Is this guy some sort of Superhero?” No, just an ordinary man, or am I? I’ve always been […] Read more »

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