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When Yahoo filed a patent suit against Facebook this week, it became as popular as Rush Limbaugh at a Planned Parenthood gathering. But many Yahoo investors will tolerate Silicon Valley’s scorn if the patent gambit actually works. Will it? Read more »

Yahoo: Old Wine, Old Label

Yes, Yahoo went there today — claiming in a lawsuit that it, not Facebook, is the real king of social networks. The company points to ten patents that it says cover features like messages, advertising and privacy settings. Read more »

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It used to be that we were all just consumers—or most of us were, anyway. We’d watch TV or read a book or listen to the music on the radio that was selected by others for us. But lately, there’s been an interesting shift in behavior going on… Read more »

yahoo billboard

Yahoo has reportedly made good on its threat of last month and filed a patent infringement suit against Facebook. The lawsuit adds to the growing intellectual property car wreck that is marring Silicon Valley… Read more »


When Amazon launched the Kindle Singles program a little over a year ago, nobody knew whether there was a market for e-books that are shorter than full-length books but longer than most magazine articles. Other publishers have also tried the format, but it’s unclear well these mini e-books are selling. Read more »

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As regulators on both sides of the Atlantic investigate publishers and Apple for allegedly colluding to fix the price of e-books, the two sides are coordinating on the cases and the EU is open to a settlement. Read more »


The top-ten list of bestselling Kindle Singles includes a number of big-name writers. But how is the format working for writers who don’t have the brand of a Stephen King or Jodi Picoult? Read more »

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Last week, I lambasted Virgin Media for taking two years to launch its iPad TV guide for its TiVo set-top box. I have since learned the app has been ready for months; it was submitted to and approved by Apple months ago… Read more »


Barry Diller’s latest investment in media disruption hasn’t even launched yet and it’s already in court. That’s part of the appeal of Aereo for Diller, chairman of IAC, who gleefully admits: “One of the reasons I love it is it’s going to be a great fight.” Read more »

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Roku Streaming Stick_glamour shot

Internet TV box service Roku is prepared to take on a big and high-risk new investment to support its international ambitions. It is aiming to raise up to $50 million by this summer to go to the UK, France, Germany and the Far East. Read more »

Department of Justice L

The Justice Department is about to sue Apple and five publishers for conspiring to raise the price of e-books. The warning is a game-changer in the government’s long-running anti-trust investigation—here’s an explanation of the case and what could happen next. Read more »

Kid Texting

Group messaging apps continue to be both a hot communications tool and a legal minefield. Like other developers who decided to build first and ask permission later, three “club texting” services remain mired in class action suits that could force them to pay hundreds of dollars for each unauthorized text message. Read more »


This was the weekend everyone signed up and joined Highlight or Glancee. TechCrunch has written about it and Robert Scoble has been going on about how viral these location-based services are. No doubt about it, these new apps which run in the background on your phone […] Read more »

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Before we get into the results of the latest detailed look at how U.S. newspapers are faring on the digital revenue front, let’s get one serious qualm out of the way: the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s 16-month study doesn’t cover paid content at all. Read more »

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Spotify’s future now looks increasingly that of a large-scale, global service that’s self-operated rather than sold out. If it reaches its goal of 100 million users, and profitability, it will naturally prompt the question – should Spotify stay private, or file for IPO? Read more »


A new patent troll announced its arrival this week by suing companies like Facebook, Zynga and Playfish. Its weapon is a patent that it claims applies to buying and selling goods in games like Barn Buddy and Mafia Wars. Read more »

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Music’s new wave of unlimited-access services is now supported by most labels, who dearly hope that new subscription payments will make up for slowing download sales. But when will that happen? Read more »

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When Google launched the program, retailers, bloggers, book publishers and other website owners earned referral fees ranging from 6 to 10 percent of a book’s selling price, depending on the number of sales referred. That was a higher rate than the one offered through Amazon’s referral program… Read more »

The White House announced major privacy initiatives this week amidst a growing hubbub over how technology companies use consumers’ personal data. The news sheds light on both the privacy debate and on how the players involved are attempting to maintain political control of the issue… Read more »


Amazon has turned off the buy button on nearly 5,000 Kindle titles from distributor Independent Publishers Group after IPG refused to capitulate to Amazon’s demand for better terms… Read more »


A Wall Street Journal investigation finds that Google was tricking Apple’s Safari browsers into dropping their ad-tracking protections in order to promote Google+. What does this say about Google’s attempts to promote its services? And about Apple’s proprietorship over its users? Read more »

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photo: Steve Paine

In a reversal of today’s content publishing model, print magazines pretty soon could start looking a lot like their app equivalents. The drawback to this custom production? It’s expensive. Read more »

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