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Rob Grimsaw and Tomas bella at paidContent 2012

At our recent paidContent 2012 conference FT’s Rob Grimshaw and Piano Media’s Tomas Bella discuss not just the future of online content payments, but also how to most effectively price your content when there are free alternatives elsewhere. Read more »

Charlie Redmayne, Pottermore CEO

When it comes to selling e-books, the Harry Potter franchise is far from conventional: Pottermore has been selling JK Rowling’s Harry Potter e-books without digital rights protection. Why? Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne answers that and more in a paidContent 2012 interview with Laura Hazard Owen. Read more »

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Wall Street Bull
photo: Corbis / James Leynse

With huge anticipation around Facebook’s IPO, we decided look at how other digital media companies that have gone public over the past year have fared. Most have had a bumpy ride — and only one has had steady gains since its stock-market debut. Read more »

Silicon Valley & The Scent of Money

Silicon Valley leads the world in technology but it’s losing a debate over how that technology should be used. A new surge in patent lawsuits shows that Chicago, not Silicon Valley, is setting the rules for how patents should encourage innovation. Read more »


The US Senate has overcome its fears about “crowdmuppeting” and passed an amended version of the JOBS Act, a bill that will make it easier for start-ups to raise money and avoid regulations. The Senate bill received rare bi-partisan support and will go back to the […] Read more »

Bill Simmons of DataXu at Structure:Data 2012

At Structure:Data, DataXu showed off its technology in the form of a writhing map of colors that reflected consumer sentiment to cell phone promotions. In practice, this means that a phone company’s ad campaign would automatically increase or decrease offers for contracts or free phones or pre-paid plans. Read more »

Ashlie Beringer of Gibson, Dun and Crutcher LLP and Derrick Harris of GigaOM at Structure:Data 2012

Consumers have long been trading their personal data in return for access to Web sites like Facebook. The tradeoff has worked well for companies and consumers but, as the pool of data grows, so have privacy concerns. At Structure:Data, panelists say the current so-called solutions are misguided. Read more »

Todd Papaioannou of Continuuity at Structure:Data 2012

If 80 percent of new data created is going to be unstructured, where is all that data coming from? It’s coming from consumers’ activities online and it requires real-time processing, said Continuuity’s Todd Papaionnou at Structure:Data. Read more »

Rio Caraeff

The music distributor and service Vevo plans to triple its global footprint in 2012, CEO Rio Caraeff tells paidContent while answering questions about a rumoured tie-up with Facebook… Read more »

Image (2) television1.jpg for post 26941

The good news for the traditional subscription TV industry: subscriber counts across the cable/satellite/telco television services industry grew by 380,000 in 2011. The bad news? Growth of satellite and telco subscriptions slowed down last year. Read more »

Man Relaxing With Remote Control

Wand, joypad, keyboard, trackpad, voice, mobile, wave, tablet or just plain ‘ol candybar? Which of these is the best way to navigate television, as the TV is upgraded by unfamiliar new features like web, apps, VOD and games? Read more »

iPad 2 and iPad 3 (new iPad)

The new iPad isn’t exactly like Oakland and Gertrude Stein – there’s a there, there—but it won’t be obvious to most people. If you’ve already seen an iPad 2 you’ve essentially already seen a third-generation iPad… Read more »

With HBO’s new video teaser for the April 1 launch of its HBO Go service on Xbox Live, the big question is: Which of the top cable, satellite and telco TV service providers will let their customers watch Go on the Microsoft game console? Read more »

Castle on Aereo TV

Aereo, a bold new service that brings broadcast TV and DVR to your iPad and iPhone, started its engines in New York City today—and the results are mostly impressive. Read more »

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