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I may be a little late to the Skitch party, but I just had to try it out after coming across it last month. For anyone not yet in the know, Skitch is a Mac OS X-only image sharing application that does require that you download […] Read more »

I don’t know about you, but I vividly remember the day I learned HTML. I took my first HTML course in the fall of 1994 for $10 given by a guy who was building Web sites in Santa Fe for local artists. The entire world opened […] Read more »

I just received a request from a client asking if there was a site where they could create a page that staff and their board members could access that easily aggregated their media clips. I thought about it for a while, considering recommending a bookmarking site […] Read more »

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Having trouble tracking your expenses on a daily basis? Thinking there must be a better way to log and run reports on the expenses you accrue while working? Paybackable may just be the application you need. Paybackable offers an easier way to track and reimburse your […] Read more »

A month ago, I reviewed Zemanta, the blogging extensions service company that provides contextual images, links, latest articles or blog posts and tags to your blog posts. I was a little harsh on the somewhat lack of relevant images and sometimes even irrelevant links that Zemanta […] Read more »

I’ve been trying out TripTouch, the widget for frequent travelers, while I’m traveling for the next two weeks to see what it does and what it can do for me while I’m on the road. But is TripTouch helpful for the business traveler or just road […] Read more »

I recently reviewed the drag-and-drop Web-based site building tool Webon and marveled at its ease of use and add-on features. I’m equally as impressed with MOLI, a social networking management tool and so much more. According to their site, MOLI is …a next-generation social networking site […] Read more »

This week, Lycos unveiled Webon, their new drag-and-drop Web site builder and the moment I heard about it, I had to jump on it. With the proliferation of blogs, blogging and blog publishing sites, I was struggling to find a free, easy-to-use Web-based site builder. You […] Read more »

DeskAway is a project management solution from India-based Synage. Discovering Basecamp was a revelation, but I’m paying over $24/month for the service and am running out of the alloted Active Projects (15). I figured I should look at other options as my business grows. Although it will take me more time using DeskAway to give a detailed assessment, a few things stood out for me immediately after signing up for and logging into my DeskAway account. Read more »

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About a week ago, I posted about Needing a Gentle Intro to RSS Feeds. I mentioned that I would read my RSS feeds through Google Reader over breakfast while my husband reads the paper and would let you know how I fared. I know it has […] Read more »

Every once in a while, I come across a site that just rocks my world. This week, I found two –, a search aggregator with a nifty interface (Mike G. reviewed it) and Spinscape, a site I learned about through a comment on my previous […] Read more »

Just read Mike Gunderloy’s post Times: Looks Aren’t Everything. One thing he said really stuck out for me… Times is worth looking at, though, if you’re trying to gently introduce someone new to a few RSS feeds. He’s talking about me, I thought, as I read […] Read more »

I’ve been curious about mind mapping and how it might help me with my work. I did a search on Web Worker Daily for references to mind mapping solutions to see what my fellow bloggers have said in the past to help me vet out the […] Read more »

Image via Wikipedia I’m all for anything that makes blogging easier and richer – great blog publishing tools, super widgets, anything to add value to my blog that doesn’t suck up too much of my time. That is why I was interested to hear about Zemanta […] Read more »

When people ask what I do, I usually say “I’m a writer.” But I do so much more than writing articles and posting content on blogs. Since I first got online in 1987, I’ve been using the Internet (or at that time, Bulletin Board Systems) for […] Read more »

I’ve always known there was a good reason why I worked from home in terms of the impact on my quality of life and the impact on my family. But I have to admit, I feel a little bit overwhelmed analyzing the impact of my telecommuting […] Read more »

Inspired by Mike G.’s spring cleaning post, I’ve been thinking about all the social networks I have joined both as part of my work and for my work. As an Internet strategist, I try to test out all the sites and Web apps that I can […] Read more »

Last week, I took a look at what I called “Brain Tickler Tools” – Notefish and Instapaper – tools that went beyond bookmarking but actually helped me create some kind of writer’s tickler file where I could return anytime and browse over content to get ideas […] Read more »

There’s a new Web publishing tool on the block that seeks to deliver on the convergence promise between “blogging, social networking, and…American Idol!” So says Sue Heilbronner, president of WEbook that makes its debut today. I spoke with Heilbronner and Melissa Jones, the site’s content manager, […] Read more »

Where do you get your ideas? Much of my work on the Web involves content development which is my fancy way of saying I write articles, monthly columns and bi-weekly blog posts for clients. Coming up with new ideas to publish on a regular basis for […] Read more »

As I search high and low for tools to make my work easier, more efficient and more productive, I start having dreams about the Perfect Web App. I become obsessed, thinking through the details of the features, functionality and even toying with names. Unfortunately, I’m not […] Read more »

Oh, Google Docs, how I’ve wanted to love you. Sometimes, I can be at the “cutting-edge” of technology and new Web apps, but at other times, I’m practically a Luddite. I’ve been a fan of Gmail for so long but have avoided the Docs feature for […] Read more »

Call me skeptical. Call me cynical. Call me shortsighted. But I just can’t see what the new company Qwaq offers that is different or better than what is already out there. Here’s how the company describes its offering: Qwaq, Inc. creates virtual spaces for real work. […] Read more »

For the past month, I’ve felt like a doctor who has suddenly become the patient. In my case, however, it is a very good thing. What ails me, you ask? Nothing serious. I’ve just hired a Web designer for the first time ever to redesign my […] Read more »

Freshbooks is sending out love to their Mac users via Mac Time Tracker widget for Apple’s OS X Dashboard. The press release says it gives users the ability to “link back to FreshBooks account whether they’re online or offline.” First download the widget. Then go to […] Read more »

A lot of what I do every day involves marketing and promotions – always on the Internet and not just for my clients. I’m getting better at marketing my numerous Web projects and blogs only because the tools to do so keep getting easier and more […] Read more »

I’m a serial entrepreneur in a virtual world. How did a nice girl like me end up being such a geek? Was it because I read science fiction as a young girl while all my friends were reading romance novels? Did it happen when I played […] Read more »

I’m in overwhelmed mode. While I’m getting some real benefits from new and tried and true fully-integrated, slick-interfaced Web-based solutions that are solving my workflow and organizational quandries, sometimes, I just want simplicity. I’m talking about raw, bare-bones, no-frills, focused-on-a-single-task tools tools that won’t contribute to […] Read more »

When I finally splurged and bought a new MacBook last year, I was dismayed to find that none of my software was compatible. I became maniacal about avoiding having to buy new Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop and Dreamweaver, the three software applications I use daily in […] Read more »

In a single day, I signed up for not one but two fee-based Web applications/services that are transforming the entire way I manage my home-based Web working business. Why did I wait so long to embrace these apps? Was it the fear of an insurmountable learning […] Read more »

In my never-ending quest to remember all the multitude of tasks I have to complete each day, I’ve tried my hand at jotting down To Do lists and have explored a few of the frills-free email reminder systems such as Memo To Me. Nothing really seems […] Read more »

I rely on my microblog communities as my connection to the outside world while I work from home on my various Web projects and client projects. Twitter is my watercooler. Pownce is where my Second Life friends tend to hang out so I can stay in […] Read more »

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