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There’s nothing like being able to work from home. But even what so many people strive for can end up being less than ideal. I enjoy the freedom I have to work on my own schedule, however, working from home doesn’t mean you always get more […] Read more »

Okay, confess. You work hard for hours on end, never budging from the keyboard, and then, you digress. You get distracted. You find a blog or a site or a Web app that is nonsense, that is fun or funny, that has absolutely nothing to do […] Read more »

I recently live-blogged a 3-day conference. Gearing up for the event, I posted here about the equipment I was bringing as well as musings about the dynamics of live blogging. While I’ve live blogged parts of events and have Power-Twittered a conference before, this was my […] Read more »

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Looking at my Twitter account over the last few weeks, I saw distinct ways I used Twitter in my work proving once and for all that Twitter is not just chatter but a useful business tool. Read more »

I’m still looking for work uses for collaborative scribbling aka drawing whiteboards. I reviewed Bookgoo, but truth be told, haven’t found a use for it. But I’m trying to keep an open mind. That’s why I took a look recently at Scriblink, another free collaboration tool. […] Read more »

When it comes to truly professional “social” networks, there are far less than general interest and entertainment-oriented networks. Ryze is virtually dead. Xing is more global. The old standby is LinkedIn although it still struggles with its Web 2.0 features. Facebook is still trying to overcome […] Read more »

To find out more about photo rights on the Web, I turned to a lawyer, Deena B. Burgess, Esq., Managing Partner with the Law Offices of Deena Burgess, and gave her a few scenarios to comment on. Here is what she had to say. Read more »

I used to be one of those people with icons covering my entire MacBook desktop, all glaring evidence of a failure to properly organize my files. These days, I try to take a desktop organizational moment every other week. Still, I’ve wondered what the things lingering […] Read more »

I demo about 5-6 new tech products every week, often with a little handholding from the company behind the technology because my brain absorbs information much better when somebody tells me about it rather than when I read something or try to figure it out myself. […] Read more »

In the fight for dominance in the video web conferencing realm, we have WebEx, the granddaddy who struggles to stay one step ahead of the young fighters such as GoToMeeting. But into the ring leaps Palbee, a scrappy upstart based out of Seoul, Korea who can […] Read more »

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Image via Wikipedia How many social networks and Web 2.0 tools are enough? I clearly don’t know when enough is enough. What if the one I don’t join is the one that will truly change my life/work/future? 1. Checked Twitter. This is like my first cup […] Read more »

I was poking around the comments on my Preparing to Live Blog an Event post and came across a conversation about live blogging events at ProBlogger that made me think more about how I’m going to handle single-handedly “live blogging” a 3-day conference. The discussion also made me think more about what exactly “live blogging” means. Read more »

I’ve been asked to live blog an event for a client and their members. Actually, I’ll be live blogging, podcasting, Twittering, Uttering, and live streaming an event. I am putting together my equipment, securing accounts with all the online tools and services I need, and reviewing […] Read more »

I’ve been having some fantastic conference calls with several people who are all independent contractors and qualify as Web workers in one form or another. Out of the blue, one of them asked if we’d be offended to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for a project […] Read more »

I’m downloading apps like crazy onto my iPod Touch, trying to find the perfect combination of tools to make it more than just a great entertainment device. I was especially inspired by Judi Sohn’s post about her iPhone, one month later. I’m still on the fence […] Read more »

Ah, the age old business question: “Do I want more work?” The question, of course, is actually “Can I handle more work?” or even  “How much more work can I handle?” Do you know how much more work you can handle? Are you at that tipping/breaking […] Read more »

I was listening to a story on NPR by Laura Sydell called Computing in the Cloud: Who Owns Your Files? The story brought back all of the fears I’ve had about working in the clouds but have suppressed because: A. I want the convenience that cloud […] Read more »

You need to schedule back-to-back demos with different tech companies. Or you want to hold “virtual office hours” for lead generation and effortlessly book them based on your actual availabilities each week. You don’t have a personal assistant. So what do you do? Take TimeDriver for […] Read more »

I’ve been taking a lot of demos for project management solutions and while some are well-suited for the Web worker who is looking to get a handle on multiple projects, clients and virtual team members (like Basecamp), others are geared more toward the enterprise and aren’t […] Read more »

Collaboration is always a challenge for any team, but when that team is virtual, cloud collaboration presents its own set of organizational and tracking problems. GroupSwim is looking to step into the slot between e-mail correspondence and full-featured robust project management systems ala Basecamp. According to […] Read more »

You’ve got a super cool Web app. You want a high profile blog to cover what you’re doing. You’ve got a PR firm scheduling back-to-back demos with tech bloggers. But when you actually connect with the blogger, is your demo and presentation doing your product justice? […] Read more »

Although I haven’t kept a close eye on Elance, my impression has been that it was a basic job “bid” site for freelancer programmers. The site description summarizes their main focus as “outsourcing to freelance programmers, web and logo designers, copywriters, illustrators and consultants.” People with […] Read more »

In the world of branding, Web 2.0 companies are clamoring for name originality. Bookgoo is out there in terms of weird names but in terms of applications for collaboration, their technology rocks. The company set out to “empower users to collaborate more effectively.” And you, dear […] Read more »

I’ve been finding more and more of a need for conference calls in my work and suddenly more and more conference calling solutions coming online. I also find that conference calls add something to my work that has been lacking since I’ve become so reliant on […] Read more »

I’m on a big demo-taking kick right now as part of my blogging work here at Web Worker Daily. I will always disclose if a company gives me any freebies, but for the most part, I’m testing out freemium Web applications so we all get something […] Read more »

You want to organize a conference call. You want it to be easy as pie. If the conferencing tool you use is going to have bells and whistles, you want them to be transparent to you. You just want the darn thing to work well and […] Read more »

When 90% of what you do for work is based online, there are bound to be some glitches, and not just the technical ones. How do you handle the inevitable misunderstandings that come with today’s rapid-fire digital conversations and communications in the workplace? Read more »

If you are looking for a new way to “nibble” on your news, you can try Snackr, an Adobe AIR-based app that creates a ticker across the bottom of your computer screen that teases random articles and blog posts from RSS feeds of your choice. The […] Read more »

I hate learning curves. I hate having to futz and fiddle with my apps to figure them out. I want the functionality to be intuitive, and if it is not, I throw up my hands and move on to something else. I attribute this impatience to […] Read more »

I’ve been joining a number of video microblogging sites (Seesmic, Phreadz, 12SecondsTV, Utterz, ViddYou) and maneuvering for alpha invites for several more (Hictu and what else is out there…?) but I still haven’t gotten into the groove. More than anything, I am wondering about real business […] Read more »

How is my life as a Web worker affected by the closing of 600 Starbucks nationwide? Let me count the ways. But seriously, I’m sure there are many a Web worker lamenting the possible closure of their corner Starbucks due to the company’s “re-organization” strategy (no […] Read more »

If you are looking for on demand, toll-free conference call services, look no further. FreeConference announced this week that they now offer On-Demand Reservationless Toll Free Premium 800 service. FreeConference has been offering free teleconferencing services for years. Their free packages, Web-Scheduled Standard and Reservationless Standard, […] Read more »

Last week, my 10-month old MacBook crashed. And died. And now I’m slowly uncovering the depth and breadth of my arrogance. Because, my dear readers, I had not backed up my computer for 10 months. And the only reason I had a 10-month old backup of my data is because it occurred as I was getting my files from my old G4 laptop to my MacBook last Fall. This is a cautionary tale for anyone out there who is still finding every excuse in the book not to back up their computer. And I had many. Read more »

I’ve been working with clients to set up social media “satellite sites” as I call them to extend their brand and take advantage of the exponential power of social networking for reaching out to consumers. The question I hear time and time again is “How in […] Read more »

Retaggr let’s you create a “profile card” that you can display on your Web site, blog or anywhere else you can embed their customizable widget to give people a snapshot of who you are and what you do. In a nutshell, retaggr is a social media-enabled […] Read more »

As an active resident in Second Life as part of my Web work, I am fascinated by the exploration of virtual world environments as platforms for “wikitecture” which essentially is collaborative planning and design. The process is being tested by architects and urban planners, but for […] Read more »

I’ve been reviewing a wide array of applications over the last few months, and there never seems to be an end to the new ones coming out or the old ones I’m hearing about for the first time. I decided to check out several competitors to […] Read more »

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