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Chris Brogan is… a typist. Or so he says. The rest of us know him as a generous, prolific and strategic mind in the social mediasphere. Brogan is president of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency. He’s also responsible for the New Marketing Summit […] Read more »

No, it’s not that Dave Matthews. It’s the other one — aka Gadget Guy — the tech innovator and digital media and deice expert who consults with companies from well-known corporations such as RadioShack to up-and-comers PeopleBrowsr to boxee. Mathews is another big fan of Google […] Read more »

I met Nisha Chittal, Associate Editor at, at the SXSW panel “Are Women Taken More Seriously On the Web?” Chittal is also an online producer, editorial board member and political columnist at and an intern at ReadWriteWeb. Nisha gives a little insight as to […] Read more »

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I’ve been at SXSW attending sessions, seeing product demos and interviewing tech company founders. I’ve also been asking anyone who identifies themselves as a web worker about their favorite web app and how it helps them with their work. Here is the first of a series […] Read more »

Scheduling service TimeBridge (previously reviewed on WWD) announced today that they’ve come out with a personal conferencing service that is fully integrated into their scheduling application. The company seems to be working on rounding out a more complete set of scheduling and communications tools particularly handy […] Read more »

It was the Postbox tagline that caught my eye. “Focus. Find. Free your email,” it read. To which my brain responded: I want that. So I went and got it. Postbox is an email client, based on Thunderbird. The beta version is a free download from […] Read more »

Corporate social networking company Socialtext adds to its product lineup today. Building on the theories of collaboration and networking that Socialtext founder Ross Mayfield and I discussed previously, the new additions are intended to improve collaboration and teamwork by binding the “loose ties” in an organization […] Read more »

So you’ve been downsized. Or you’ve bailed before being booted because you saw the writing on the wall. Or maybe you skipped the steady paycheck for a go at being a freelancer. Whatever the reason you are out there on your own now, we’ve compiled a list of apps you’ll need to run your web working business. Read more »

I was recently interviewed as a “web expert” for a national women’s magazine. The reporter kept trying to get me to explain how a professional could build a static web site on the cheap to effectively “manage online reputation.” “Web sites don’t really actively manage your […] Read more »

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I’ve been struggling with the learning curves inherent in adapting new project management and collaboration tools for my own company and have previously blogged about the way my own brain processes information – and a GUI – quite differently from that of my company’s project manager. […] Read more »

I’ve talked about live blogging events as a way to enhance and promote a real world event, literally as it is happening. But lately, I’ve been asked to host virtual world events simultaneous to real world events. Mike Gunderloy and I also included planning and hosting […] Read more »

In Part 1 of this little series of posts, I talked about my move from Anchorage to Tok, Alaska. I went from acceptable Internet speeds at a fairly reasonable price ($60-ish/month) to barely 512K up and down, a 10 Gig monthly limit and $180/month plus $30 […] Read more »

When I first heard of GetSatisfaction, I started using it as a repository for my rants about bad customer service and software or Web apps issues for companies and their products. I liked the premise of GetSatisfaction – dialogue with other customers who may be experiencing […] Read more »

I recently relocated to Tok, Alaska from Anchorage. Being in Anchorage seemed far removed enough from the happenings in my industry, but I’ve carved out a good stream of social media and web work clients both statewide and nationally even from the Last Frontier. Now, however, […] Read more »

I’ve been looking for ways to better distribute my business contact information to others without the use of the traditional paper business card. Sure, I have really enjoyed handing out my varied and conversation-starting Moo cards at events, however, I’m often caught without my cards and […] Read more »

Do you bill based on hourly work performed? Or are you working on a project basis? What are you doing about recurring revenues? With 2009 almost here, this is something I’ve been focusing on for my business. In a past post about Freshbooks benchmark data for […] Read more »

As I continue to struggle to find the ideal project or task management tool for my growing Web business, I find one app that really tracks project progress well but doesn’t handle individual task management then another app handles task assignments but doesn’t give me a […] Read more »

In the old days of networking, we were told things like 1) bring your business cards with you wherever you go; 2) make notes on the back of the business cards you collect at networking events so you can remember something about the person when you […] Read more »

We’ve written about Zapproved in the past including a brief review by Mike Gunderloy and a brief mention by me in a useful tools roundup. The application is so simple that you might think all that can be said about it has been said, but with […] Read more »

Is “Social” already over? That’s news to me. Those immersed in web work may be sick of the (over)use of the word “social,” particularly if, like me, they’ve been working in the social media space back before anyone called it “social.” Read more »

Darrell Etherington recently came up with a list of holiday gifts, and I wanted to add some ideas to the mix. I’m more of a gadget gal, myself. I like tangible items that I can unwrap and hold in my hands, marvel at the construction and […] Read more »

I’ve been using ShareThis on my blogs and recommending it to my clients for a while now. I explain to my clients that ShareThis is a “passive broadcaster” of their content, giving their blog and web site visitors handy tools to email posts or articles to […] Read more »

I recently spoke with Ross Mayfield, founder of Socialtext, about his product – an enterprise-level group collaboration platform – and he shared some theories of collaboration that led to the development of the software. He spoke about the construction of a social network and how our […] Read more »

I think I’m pretty “friendly” on Facebook. I currently have over 400 Facebook “friends,” and some are actually people who I actually would consider my friend in real life while others are just people I know but don’t know well. I have thought about unfriending those […] Read more »

As an aspiring videoblogger and indy filmmaker, I’ve been eying mDialog for a while but had yet to wrap my head around what it actually offered. I also had a strange first introduction to mDialog that may have clouded my view of the site. Luckily, I […] Read more »

Google just launched video and voice chat today for both PC and Mac. My first reaction? That is so cool. The only problem is the announcement went out before they had actually activated many accounts. Including mine. Luckily, I had the email address of the Google […] Read more »

It is no secret that I love Twitter. I have to admit that besides email, Twitter is my most important communications tool, particularly for my business but not exclusively so. The more I see where social media and online communications is going, the more I realize how Twitter has transformed the landscape in both big and subtle ways. Read more »

An announcement from Freshbooks got me thinking about how I monitor and bill – or not bill – for the time I spend on the phone with clients. As a web worker, I haven’t felt compelled to consider phone time as consulting time because I am […] Read more »

As a web worker, I have clients who are always looking for new and more affordable ways to market what they do. I’m also faced with the constant need to better promote what I’m doing to continue to grow my business. The landscape on the web […] Read more »

I love it when I come across several new apps or new features on old apps that just shout out “productivity” to me. First, the latest news that I received in my inbox is that FreshBooks now has a free time tracking app for the iPhone. […] Read more »

Riffing off a recent post by Imran Ali, “Soocial: The Best Address Book You’ll Ever Use?,” I thought I’d put in my impressions about another contact management service – ContactHero. ContactHero is looking to be your most favorite and most used contact manager, aggregating all of […] Read more »

I am once again overwhelmed by too much information. And lately, I’m even overwhelmed by too many tools to access, filter and read that information or to save it for later or add it to various Web 2.0 tools. On my browser bar alone I have […] Read more »

It’s time to get a firm grasp of what Web apps or SaaS’s on autopay on the business credit card because it is getting to be too easy to charge these things. Read more »

“Paperless Office.” That has a nice ring to it. But is it really attainable for anyone other than those who can get obsessive about scanning and shredding? I’ve been trying to reduce paper, but in the process, I’ve felt a mental backlash that is driving me […] Read more »

I’m a big fan of FreshBooks. I’ve written about and have used their easy Web-based accounting services site almost daily to manage my company’s invoicing. Today, Freshbooks announced that it is releasing industry benchmark data as an added benefit to freelancers as well as micro and […] Read more »

Like anyone using social networks for my work, I struggle with the friend feature. There are a number of theories of how and why to friend other people and when to accept friend requests. Clearly, having more “friends” on your social networks has its benefits, but […] Read more »

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