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Tweetshare allows you to create a richer destination for your Twitter community. You can upload a file, then you can tweet your followers from Tweetshare with an option to get comments, ask a question or provide a poll about the uploaded file. Read more »

I have a confession to make. I am over-reliant on apps, and scheduling is a particular pain point for me. When my apps work well, my life hums along. This week, at SXSW, I experienced a catastrophic collapse of my scheduling systems. Read more »

I’ve been asking folks at SXSW for their web working advice, as well as their favorite web app so far this year — not necessarily a new one, but one that they find themselves using all the time. Here’s my short video interview with Scott Stratten. Read more »

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I had a fascinating conversation on the first day of SXSW with Ryan McCormack of Sequence. My question to him was something my own company struggles with: “Where does strategy end and where do tactics begin? And what’s the difference between goals and objectives?” Read more »

I am on the fence about SXSW. It is eye candy, ear candy, brain candy, and it gives me a very big headache. It is the place to be, but you can’t really be anywhere because you are constantly worried about what you are missing. Read more »

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the strain of the onslaught of information brought about by social media tools. Even though I’m sure I qualify as an information junkie, I feel that I’ve surpassed the limits of the amount of information I can consume. Read more »

From the early days of “share this with a friend” buttons, to the more sophisticated sharing widgets like Tweetmeme, AddThis and ShareThis, publishers are more empowered than ever to provide site visitors with the power to be part of the syndication process. Read more »

Am I the only one struggling with a consistent and coherent definition for the term “social media?” What is social media, who came up with the term, and who defines it now? Read more »

While I’m blown away by the efficiencies that these applications are affording me, I’m also on the fence about this kind of accessibility. Now the tools I’m using channel online access into offline access. Is that a good thing? Read more »

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I got a demo earlier this week of SugarSync‘s new features, then Kevin over at jkOntheRun beat me to the punch with his features announcement post (SugarSync Adds Email Attachment Uploads, 500 GB Plan). Like Kevin, I agree that these new features are a good thing. […] Read more »

How well do you know your web site visitors? What makes them tick? What makes them abandon your shopping cart or simply leave your site, never to return? What if you could read their minds and fix your site based on their thoughts? Read more »

TimeBridge is working hard to become your one-stop solution for every aspect of meetings management. I’ve written about the company’s web app and iPhone app previously, and today it announced its new feature, out to give Tungle, Doodle and TimeDriver a run for their money. Read more » is still in private beta, but we have some invite codes if you’d like to try it out for yourself. The first 25 WebWorkerDaily readers to sign up with the code will be able to start syndicating and tracking content through today. Read more »

I believe in only certain kinds of automation when it comes to Twitter. I’m against automatic direct messages and automatically following someone just because they follow you. But I am all for automating select blogfeeds into a Twitter stream, as long as it is done strategically. Read more »

In early 2007, the Council of Public Relations Firms (CPRF) and APCO Worldwide partnered to learn more about interactions and relationships between public relations (PR) professionals and bloggers. Findings showed that PR professionals who understood blogger “culture” were having more success in communicating in this online […] Read more »

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of social media, and I’m reminded of where we were in the mid-90s with the advent of the web. I lived through Web 1.0, and am feeling a sense of déjà vu as we play out the same routines with Web 2.0. Read more »

I was inspired to write this post because of something that just happened on Twitter. The Twitterstream of one of my Twitter friends, @markdavidson, went awry. Instead of his typical tweets, there were random bursts of symbols such as “JJJJ,” “[[[‘ and the like. At first, […] Read more »

So many changes on Facebook, so little time. Just when you think you understand the differences between Profiles, Pages and Groups, and the functionality and features of each, Facebook changes the landscape — seemingly on a whim. How can any of us keep up? Here’s a […] Read more »

As 2010 opens its doors, I wanted to take another look at my Golden Rules of Social Media, published back in May of 2009, to see if I could consolidate those rules into five actions we can take to work better in — and through — […] Read more »

I’ve been thinking about the idea of “free,” and not in the context of freemium business models and tangible products or services being given away, as explored by Chris Anderson in his book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” I’ve been thinking about how many […] Read more »

In a previous post where I discussed the concept of a social media calendar to manage your social media outreach and messaging, Bob Hazlett commented and offered up his calendar to use as an example. I’ve downloaded it and thought it might be useful to show […] Read more »

At any given time, there is usually an ongoing debate in some blogging circle about whether ghostblogging is a good or bad thing. I say it depends on how you’re using the term, and how you are using your ghostblogger. What is a “ghostblogger,” anyway? The […] Read more »

When I hear about the processes companies are using to engage in social media-based conversations and communities, I’m a bit surprised that many lack any kind of strategy or written plan. While I’m a firm believer in the need for both spontaneity and frequency in social […] Read more »

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re providing services as an independent consultant, setting up a marketing presence for yourself online can be a challenge, even if you are a web designer or developer. Many service providers will tell you that they often spend far more […] Read more »

OK, I know twittering doesn’t really cause blindness, but I am constantly hearing all sorts of myths about social media these days, and I’m surprised this one hasn’t made the rounds yet. I’m here to dispel some of the most common myths I’ve heard about social […] Read more »

I recently got up on my soapbox on my personal blog and ranted about a new, pricey certification program that is being offered by a social media association that has recently cropped up, one of many that are claiming to be able to certify social media […] Read more »

I’m a firm believer in the adage “you get what you pay for.” However, I also can’t deny the incredible value being put out onto the Internet for free by some very talented people. With the decreasing costs of web conferencing software from the likes of […] Read more »

We’ve all heard the horror stories of difficult clients. Anyone offering client services has been there. No company can function effectively when confronted with clients who operate from a place of fear — which is often at the root of most difficult clients you encounter. You […] Read more »

We at WebWorkerDaily review a lot of web apps. Since many of us — and many of you — have iPhones, I like to keep tabs on web apps we’ve written about, to see whether they get a companion iPhone app. So here’s a list of […] Read more »

File sync and backup service SugarSync (which we’ve blogged about before) just announced new small-business friendly features, including a central admin feature to manage from three to 100 users collaborating and sharing files using the app. The new package also includes flexible group pricing plans starting […] Read more »

When I heard that the folks at Pressitt in the UK had launched the beta of their social media news release tool, I decided to check it out. Pressitt says the site’s focus is on providing journalists and bloggers with a primary research tool for stories. […] Read more »

As my virtual social media marketing firm Conversify grows, my business partner Monique Elwell and I are forced to assess and implement technologies to help us do our work better and faster. Both Monique and I are committed to keeping our company virtual and flexible. While […] Read more »

There is never enough time in the day to keep up with the constant barrage of social media. Take Twitter, for example. Almost daily I have clients and colleagues ask me “Isn’t Twitter really a waste of time?” and “I hear Twitter is losing users faster […] Read more »

I just received an email message about the demise of Projecho, little more than three months after first hearing about the easy conferencing application during its big PR push. What do you do when an application you’ve adopted and incorporated into your work process suddenly goes […] Read more »

I’m all about gadgets and doodads that have specific functions, are easy to use, and actually help me do something better. I’ve been seeing one gadget in particular at tech conferences lately that really caught my eye. The telescopic XShot camera extender ($29.95) is a simple […] Read more »

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