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As the social media industry matures and best practices continue to refine, I’m struck by how too many people tend to get caught up in the numbers — or at least the wrong numbers — and let those numbers dictate how and when they use social media. Read more »

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I enjoy looking at previous “predictions” and see what actually happened. Here’s what I predicted in my 2010 post on trends in social media and the outcome as of the end of the year. I’m also providing additional thoughts on trends to watch in 2011. Read more »


Mobile can be a new platform for building brand loyalty, stimulating traffic, and enhancing interaction. Eventually, sooner than we think, mobile will drive sales. If you’re going to “go mobile,” make sure that your efforts are framed by clear and attainable goals. Read more »

Karaoke - Qwiki

Qwiki presents search results in a montage of images, video, animations and other visual resources, and overlays it with real-time narration, using text-to-speech technology. The result is information as a watchable experience. For me, the experience of watching the content is eerie and unsettling. Read more » - Instant Communities In Real-Time with Viral Analytics and Viral Search

We’ve witnessed massive transformations in the ways we connect. is a new site that offers interesting–and sometimes curious and puzzling–ways of experiencing content from Twitter.’s premise is that “search is a social act which relies on trust and community.” Read more »


Have you been feeling like a Grinch about social media? It’s everywhere, shining its “happy, cheery” hype wherever you look; I know it’s taken over my life more than it probably should. Here are some simple tips for dealing with social media in the coming year: Read more »


Just the other day, someone told me that they are afraid of social media; they have no Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. I’ve compiled this list of eight reasons why you shouldn’t fear social media for anyone who is still apprehensive about using these tools. Read more »


You may not be as prone to excess as I am, yet you are probably still saddled with accounts at networks you thought would be “the next big thing” but is now a social media ghost town. But what should you do with all these accounts? Read more »

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smartQ - workflow visualization, task management, team collaboration

Just as I was lamenting not being able to find a tool that helps me visualize the development and work process, a new tool launches, almost as if somebody read my mind. SmartQ is a web-based “visual project board” from the makers of 5pm. Read more »

Jeff Ross, Humana, and Timothy Young, SocialCast, at Net:Work 2010

Companies are looking to implement more social tools within their internal structure and to engage employees in collaboration and knowledge-sharing. But how does company management do this effectively, beyond just picking the right technology? At Net:Work, representatives from Humana and SocialCast weigh in. Read more »

Renee Niemi, SVP Plantronics, at Net:Work 2010

With remote work, comes the need for tools that are simple enough to allow you to focus on the work at hand. At Net:Work, Renee Niemi, SVP of Communication Solutions at Plantronics, unveiled several new devices and an app to simplify voice communication. Read more »

Lukas Biewald and Fabio Rosati

There is a new workplace infrastructure, and it has moved out of the office and into the cloud. The human cloud lets SMBs and enterprises hire top talent, reduce overhead costs, and use online technology to assemble and manage teams to work done. Read more »

Shorten & Share | | a simple URL shortener

When I noticed that had a Pro version that enables custom short domains and that it was free, I just had to try it out. You have to submit your email address to be “considered” for the beta; I just received my access information. Read more »

Facebook Aliza Sherman

Facebook has released a new Facebook Profile. As usual, the changes seem pretty arbitrary, but Facebook appears to have moved in the direction of a profile that blends your professional life and your personal life, and I feel strongly that this is a mistake. Read more »


In 2008, Beth Kanter blogged about how much time it should take to implement social media. She created a diagram to illustrate the main social media activities and the hours per week it takes to implement them. I’ve created my own up-to-date version of the figure. Read more »


I’ve been thinking about what this year has meant for social media marketing and how things have changed. I came across one of my posts from 2008 where I tried to find category names for social media tools; it’s interesting to see how they have evolved. Read more »


A few weeks ago I wrote about what crowdsourcing is useful for, breaking it down into three main categories: Work, Input and Organizing. Here are some ideas for tasks that can be crowdsourced and links to sites that can help you with those tasks. Read more »


With Gist for Firefox, you get a Gmail widget that brings up information about all the individuals mentioned in the “To:” or “Cc:” fields of an opened email. You can choose to view their social media feeds, their profile, interaction stats, and notes. Read more »

ipad screenshot

Smartphones and Wi-Fi-enabled devices are without a doubt essential business tools for many of us. With mobile communications and connectivity comes security issues, though. How can we share and manage sensitive documents over the airwaves? WatchDox, a document management and security application, is one solution. Read more »

SWIX - Analytics for Social Media. BAM!

You have a Facebook page for your business, you have a blog, you have a Twitter account and you’re even still using email marketing campaigns. But how are you tracking how those channels are performing? Have you figured out how to measure social media marketing ROI? Read more »


How do you get your contracts signed? Are you faxing them back and forth or using the mail? Today, there are affordable online digital signature services. EchoSign let you upload a document requiring a signature and email it to the person who needs to sign it. Read more »


I recently received an email advertising a webinar from HubSpot, an inbound marketing company. The subject line was provocative enough to get me to open it, and it got me thinking about all the hype we’ve seen over social media. Where is this thing going? Read more »


Conferences can be overwhelming. Here are 15 apps that are incredibly useful to have at events, covering everything from helping you to meet interesting people and apps built for specific conferences, to location-based social networks and QR code readers to grab people’s contact details. Read more »

Blog World & New Media Expo on Plancast

Looking for an interesting new event to attend? Having trouble finding events, other than the ones you and your immediate friends or colleagues already know about? Going the “old-fashioned” route of finding new events through Google searches? If so, you may benefit from social event discovery. Read more »


Bringing a stagnant social media channel back from the dead requires more than just posting to it again and hoping your connections didn’t notice your absence. Each channel will require different resuscitation techniques. Here are some steps to take to breathe some life back into them. Read more »

Defining “crowdsourcing” can be a bit of a challenge. The term not only seems to have multiple meanings, but it’s also being used to define a whole new landscape of activities that didn’t exist in their current form a mere five years ago. Read more »

Twitter _ Home-1

We’ve all been there before: One of the social networks we use regularly suddenly changes its features, and we’re left scrambling to figure out the impact of those changes. Remember when Facebook narrowed the custom tabs within Pages, requiring major overhauls? Read more »


Mindflash is a training solution that helps you create educational presentations that include your existing training documentation, such as Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, along with multimedia such as video and quizzes. The tool is designed to be easy-to-use for the both trainer and trainee. Read more »


Don’t trust anyone who says they’ll reveal the “secrets of social media.” There are no secrets of social media. As someone who has seen the bubble of the early web and new media business burst, I’m feeling a sense of deja vu. Read more »

Aliza Sherman on Gist-1

The basic idea of Gist is to harness information, filtered for relevance, based on your connections. So who you know informs the data that is intelligently presented to you in an email digest, on a dashboard on the Gist website and via iPhone or Android device. Read more »


Even those of us who use Facebook for business are hard-pressed to keep up. In the last few weeks, I’ve learned more about Facebook through trial and error (and my Twitterstream) than I ever have from Facebook’s communications. Here are a few things I’ve learned: Read more »

Linguee – The web as a dictionary – Spanish_English

How many times have you tried to translate a sentence and have come up with embarrassingly incorrect results via a translation site? Or have you used Google Translate to translate a website from another language and cringed at the stilted results? Read more »

Ice Cube

Because social media cannot be “controlled,” the thought of putting marketing messages out into the social web strikes fear in the hearts of many. Without control, how do you avert or manage a crisis that bubbles over and could explode on Twitter, Facebook and the like? Read more »

Appointment CRM™ Customer Driven Appointment Setting - TimeTrade

Faced with the multitude of scheduling apps that are available — including, ScheduleOnce, TimeBridge, Doodle, among many others — TimeTrade has been updating its product range in order to stay competitive. Recently the company announced several major changes to its TimeDriver product, including a rebranding. Read more »

workstreamer - start listening

We’re all being inundated with information; tools that help us filter that mass of data can be useful — those that filter well can become indispensable. Workstreamer is a “social CRM” tool that can help you to monitor your customers, prospects, vendors and your own company. Read more »

In last week’s installment of “Rethinking the Value of Social Media,” I discussed how social media marketing is not a pure numbers game. In this post, I’d like to talk more specifically about re-framing the way we think about the measurement of social media efforts. Read more »

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