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The conference call services industry seems both ever-changing and overloaded, with new entries into the market popping up often, offering different features and pricing options. One free service that has been around for several years now is Rondee. Read more »


As mobile devices become more prevalent at work, the need for security continues to rise. WatchDox provides document control, tracking and security features through a web app, apps for iPad and iPhone (we covered it late last year) and now for BlackBerry. Read more »

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Dual Panel Player & Mobile Presentation

Having reviewed web-based training and presentation app Knoodle before, I was interested in the new developments with the service, announced this week.. Its new features make presentation creation more streamlined, particularly if you are creating split-screen presentations combining slides and video. Read more »


A challenge of managing a virtual team is getting timely and thorough participation from team members. One way to ensure everyone has their say — or is at least given the opportunity to provide input — is to apply some principles of crowdsourcing to internal team communications. Read more »


Unified Communications (UC) is an umbrella term that covers the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony and video conferencing. So how can UC help your business, and what are the features you should look for? Read more »

Talkwheel []

Talkwheel, which positions itself as an integrated communications tool for enterprises, offers a novel way to capture, visualize and follow conversations. Conversations are displayed as threaded and nested messages on the right side of the interface, and around the “talkwheel” on the left. Read more »

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Cloud file sync and backup company Soonr has now launched Soonr Teaming to add team-based collaborative features to its service. Users can form project teams to work together virtually and access and edit files from anywhere, on Mac, PC or a number of mobile devices. Read more »


Small- to mid-sized companies need the ability to edit, share and collaborate on files while keeping teams updated with the latest versions. Alfresco Team is an open-source, professional tool for content collaboration that offers enterprise-oriented social and security features not found in some Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Read more »

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Are virtual worlds really viable environments for work? According to a survey by Unisfair, usage of virtual environments is growing for marketing, training and collaboration. Surveying 550 marketers nationwide, the study revealed that 60 percent of respondents plan to increase spending on virtual events this year. Read more »


So far, tablet computers have been more useful as “data consuming” tools, rather than genuine work devices. One stumbling block is the inability to easily edit documents stored in the cloud. Soonr is the first service to offer integrated editing of Office documents for the iPad. Read more »

Mindjet Catalyst-1

Mindjet Catalyst brings mind mapping features and functionality to the cloud. Using Catalyst, dispersed teams can co-edit mind maps in real-time, which not only lets team members share information, but can also boost understanding and stimulate more creative and critical thinking. Read more »


OfficeDrop, an application for scanning, accessing and sharing paper and digital files via the cloud has been rolling out onto a variety of platforms. OfficeDrop Paper-to-Go app for Android is now available, in addition to applications for Mac, PC and iPad. Read more »


Panorama Software has announced the release of a socially-enabled business intelligence platform, Necto, to more effectively connect team members with company data. Think of Necto as way of putting reports and insights at the heart of a company’s social interactions. Read more »

Blogging_ LucidChart

One of the problems with most cloud collaboration apps is that you need to have an Internet connection in order to do your work. LucidChart, a web-based visual communication and diagramming app that offers real-time collaboration, has announced that it is now providing offline capabilities. Read more »


Ever get that “a-ha!” moment when seeing a new app in action? That’s how I felt seeing a demo of MightyMeeting. The app allows users to store presentations in the cloud and then share them in online meetings and discussions from the web, iPad or iPhone. Read more »


Working remotely means not having the easy access to the machines and systems you used to when you were cubicle-bound. Here’s a list of five basic categories of tools you should have at the ready, and a variety of options to consider for each category. Read more »


Do you have what it takes to be a virtual worker? In Hiring Web Workers: Is Personality as Important as Skills?, Jessica emphasized that personality plays an even bigger role in virtual work success than hard skills. So what does this mean for you? Read more »

Poor management, communications breakdowns, badly integrated team members, ill-equipped staff, personality clashes — there are many reasons why a virtual team can fail. What can you do to ensure that your team succeeds? Here are five common failings of virtual teams, and ways to avoid them. Read more »

Dual Panel Video + Slide Presentations for Pitches, Corporate Training, & E-Learning | Knoodle

Knoodle offers a training solution that provides a presentation with a split screen; you can have text or PowerPoint slides on one side of the screen and video on the other, then sync the video with the slides so they automatically advance at the right time. Read more »

(73) Home - Quora

Can social Q&A sites really help you build your professional reputation? I’ve taken a look at three sites that offer similar functionality, yet are vastly different under the surface. Here is a breakdown of how to use Quora, Focus and Namesake to enhance your reputation. Read more »


I recently interviewed Daniel Debow, the co-CEO of enterprise social software company Rypple. During our conversation, we discussed the game-like constructs built into the Rypple software, like the concept of rewarding people with “badges” for giving recognition and building reputation within a company. Read more »


When it comes to productivity, you can deploy all the software in the world you want, but it’s people, not tools, that foster productivity, says Daniel Debow, co-CEO of Rypple, a social software application that sets out to help teams work better. Read more »


I spoke with Gist founder T.A. McCann about what he calls the “New Workstyle.” It reflects the culture he has tried to create at Gist; a culture that encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, and recognizes the need “not to do things as they’ve been done before.” Read more »


Later this week, I’ll be heading to South by Southwest Interactive, and joining about 15,000 others interested in the tech portion of the music, film and interactive conference in Austin, Texas. In preparation for my trip, I have been downloading mobile apps. Read more »


Recently, I was given a free trial of iMeet from a social media friend, although I hadn’t gotten around to trying it. It suddenly dawned on me that it might meet my requirements for a collaborative meeting space, so I asked PGI for a demo. Read more »


Yesterday, Georgina wrote about how to induct new remote workers. I thought I’d take that a step further and compile a list of apps that could be useful as you bring a new team member on board, particularly if you aren’t in the same location. Read more »


The inclination in many organizations is to put social media monitoring into marketing or public relations. But is that the right move? I recently spoke with Ross Daniels, Director of Marketing for Cisco, about the challenges of deploying social media monitoring tools inside a larger enterprise. Read more »

Find Social Media Tools for Business - oneforty

Today, OneForty officially announced a new direction for the site. The online community and searchable database of Twitter-related apps has grown and expanded beyond its original Twitter focus, and now aims to become a “buyer’s guide” for people looking for social media consultants. Read more »


While millions of people interact daily in public-facing social media channels, there are a growing number of internal social media solutions for the enterprise, becoming modern-day intranets. But do these systems work? And why might trying to bring social tools inside your gated corporate walls fail? Read more »

Twitter _ Home

The Twitter website is rich with features that may not be easily accessible (or even available) via other other tools. Here are 10 very useful features that you might be missing out on that can be found on the Twitter website. Read more »


There are many good reasons to bring on additional resources to help you manage your social media presence and outreach. Let’s take a look at some of the times when outsourcing your social media efforts makes sense, starting with the most dire — and undesirable — situations: Read more »

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