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Several of the concepts introduced to iPhone users in iOS 7 were modeled after features developed by competitors scrambling to catch up to Apple’s original iPhone breakthrough. Here’s a look the inspiration for those features. Read more »

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Movies and restaurants are a good start, but I wish Siri could tell me what concerts are happening in my area, or give me information about my device, have more specific voice control actions, and even help translate conversations into foreign languages. Read more »


Coming in iOS 6 this fall is a more social photo feature called Shared Photo Streams. We walk you through how it will work: how to set it up, and how you can then start sharing, liking and commenting on your iPhone-owning friends’ photos. Read more »

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Coming in stealthily under the din of our WWDC coverage, Apple today has updated its AirPort Express wireless router. It’s redesigned to look more like an Apple TV now, now has AirPlay, and lets you use 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands at the same time. Read more »


WWDC starts Monday morning, with the likely preview of iOS 6 planned for the keynote. Here’s a list of the things I want to see out of the latest mobile operating system from Apple: improved notifications, better inter-app communication, updated Siri, AirDrop and more. Read more »


iTunes may be great for syncing your iOS devices, or buying songs, movies, apps and books, but it’s not exactly the most nimble music player anymore. Here are five great Mac-compatible alternatives that focus on the music, without the bloat that iTunes brings. Read more »


With every OS upgrade, there’s always some new annoyances that pop up, and since Lion is such a big update to OS X, it stands to reason that it has more annoyances than usual. Here’s how to remedy seven of them quickly and easily. Read more »


Apple has come a long way since it first introduced OS X at WWDC 1998. Lion arguably represents the biggest shift for the Mac operating system we’ve ever seen. Here’s a look back at how OS X has grown over time to put it in context. Read more »


Reactions to the design of Twitter for Mac have been mixed; some love it, and some hate it. Luckily, the official client isn’t the only game in town, with a number of third-party clients available. Here are three good alternate choices. Read more »


Among the minimalist writing apps for iPad, two have come out on top: Hog Bay Software’s PlainText and Information Architects’ simply-named Writer. Here’s a look at some of the differences and major features of both apps so you can decide which one better fits your needs. Read more »


Yes, the name for Mac OS X 10.7 is Lion. Steve Jobs introduced the OS today by going into the philosophy behind it. Lion takes what Apple learned from iOS and applies it to OS X. As Jobs puts it, “Mac OS X meets the iPad.” Read more »


OmmWriter is a full-screen writing application for the Mac designed to block out distractions, similar to WriteRoom. The developers behind OmmWriter recently released a new free version, which you can customize with a little elbow-grease and some image and sound files of your own. Read more »


I’ve used Safari as my default browser since 2008, but lately I’ve decided to give Google Chrome a shot at becoming my new standby. I made the switch owing to Chrome’s reported performance advantages. Would they prove convincing enough to make the change permanent? Read more »

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