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While we can ponder whether “clean coal” is an oxymoron, the carbon capture technologies that some power companies are starting to consider are very expensive. The Oil Drum quotes an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change carbon capture and storage report that says carbon capture technology can […] Read more »

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the controversial 2007 Farm Bill on Friday. The five-year farm bill, which is projected to cost over $280 billion, includes $2.4 billion set aside for clean energy, which is allocated for wind and solar power, energy efficiency, and biofuels. There […] Read more »

The skeptic’s view of cleaner coal is summed up nicely by one of our commenters when he writes: “clean coal isn’t.” Still, power companies aren’t stopping building new coal plants and some are looking at the latest methods to make coal cleaner by capturing and storing […] Read more »

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The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies just released a 58-page report posing the question “Where Does the Nano Go?” The report, sponsored by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, urges the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to make regulations specifically for the […] Read more »

Nuclear Power Debates: R-Squared blogger Robert Rapier talks about the democratic candidates’ views on nuclear power and discusses why he thinks nuclear will be needed in the long run — R-Squared Blog. “Green” UFO: Researchers at the Deift University of Technology in the Netherlands have started […] Read more »

After yesterday’s power outage in San Francisco’s SOMA District shut down data center 365 Main, we weren’t the only ones wondering what sent the operations of the data center screeching to a halt. (We doubt it was caused by a drunk employee.) 365 Main, the data […] Read more »

Finding a carpool commuting buddy is easier today than it was a decade ago thanks to the web. There’s no small amount of web sites hoping to match up local commuters and help reduce the number of cars on the road. And that’s a good thing […] Read more »

Plato Networks, a fabless semiconductor company that designs chips for energy-efficient datacenters, snagged $20 million from Granite Ventures, STIC International, and Crosslink Capital. The Santa Clara-based company says it will use the funds to “accelerate development of its ultra low-power 10Gbps Ethernet products”. Founded in 2004, […] Read more »

AMD released its seventh annual “Global Climate Protection Plan” today, highlighting the chip maker’s latest work to reduce the amount of energy required to run its processors, as well as its other energy-saving initiatives. The company’s concentration on energy-saving has been a PR boon for the […] Read more »

VeraSun’s $725M ethanol purchase: Rising corn prices didn’t deter VeraSun Energy Corp from buying three ethanol plants, in route to to produce one billion gallons by the end of 2008 — Reuters. Oil prices, no relief in sight: Oil will keep rising throughout 2007, according to […] Read more »

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Venture capitalists are pouring money into alternative fuels and new sources of energy to power our gasoline-guzzling automobiles. But what about a technology that could remake the good old internal combustion engine? Inventor Nik Shkolnik and his son, MIT grad student Alexander Shkolnik, are developing technology […] Read more »

Cleantech might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Winston-Salem, North Carolina. But the city will actually be the home of two recently launched startups that have been funded by Wake Forest University and Connecticut-based incubator NanoHoldings. The two companies […] Read more »

Let’s face it, the grid is in need of a makeover. That’s why we’re not surprised about the latest round of funding raised for wireless mesh advanced metering startup Eka Systems. While the company didn’t announce how much cash they’ve taken in, we’re betting it’s not […] Read more »

China’s economy is booming, why shouldn’t the country’s cleantech sector follow suit. According to a new report by The Cleantech Group, cleantech venture funding in China is on the up and up and will surpass $720 million in 2008. The China Cleantech Venture Capital Report (which […] Read more »

Patrick Gruber, the new CEO of Gevo, can talk at length about how biofuel butanol could one day replace gasoline and jet fuel. But when it comes to disclosing the size of the series B round the biofuel startup announced this morning from new investor Virgin […] Read more »

FuelCell Energy Gets Federal Contract and $1.225M: The government will back FuelCell Energy’s plans to scale up manufacturing on its technology that separates hydrogen from a gas mixture while generating electricity — SunPower’s Silicon Supply Solar manufacturer signs 10-year silicon supply aggreement with Hemlock Semiconductor […] Read more »

Even if you’re not fond of mushrooms on your pizza or in your salad, you might grow an affinity for their eco-friendly potential. Researchers at the University of Warwick are working together to sequence the genome (in simpler terms: figure out the DNA makeup) of what […] Read more »

Nanosolar loses chief scientist, Chris Eberspacher Nanosolar lost a good one to Applied Materials, Kedrosky wonders if they’re in trouble — Paul Kedrosky and release. VeraSun and Enterprise push ethanol Ethanol-maker VeraSun Energy and rental car company Enterprise Rent-A-Car partner to push E85 — release. Oil […] Read more »

High-tech tweaks on building features such as windows can make a big impact on their energy-efficiency. One company working on such windows, SAGE Electrochromics, says they’ve just raised $16 million in a second round funding from Good Energies, Applied Materials’ venture arm Applied Ventures, and Bekaert. […] Read more »

As the cost of soy rises, biodiesel producers betting on soy are struggling to make a buck. But that isn’t preventing biodiesel startups from tapping the public markets to fund their costly, and seemingly unprofitable expansion. Take Renewable Energy Group as an example. The Ralston, Iowa-based […] Read more »

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