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The claws were out at Google I/O today, where Google VP engineering Vic Gundotra gave his best Steve Jobs impression — by which I mean, an on-stage presentation of new launches that featured ample use of passive-aggressive jabs, delivered to a rapt and supportive audience. Read more »


In Apple’s press release for the iMac G5, Steve Jobs was quoted, “Plus, the built-in iSight video camera delivers out-of-the-box video conferencing with friends and family, as well as hours of fun with our new Photo Booth application.” So, what happened to the iSight? Read more »

I was a PC for the longest time. In the late 90s Apple caught my attention as Macs were all we had in grade school. After spending an hour on Mac OS X 10.1, I was hooked and decided it was time to switch to Mac. Read more »

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Recently, Merriam-Webster announced that the Collegiate Dictionary was available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and since then I’ve wanted to explore what kind of dictionary options were out there. After all, everyone needs a dictionary right? The Collegiate Dictionary, although not glamorous in its function, […] Read more »

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