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Motorola Mobility will acquire startup Zecter to integrate its synchronization and video streaming technologies into the MotoBlur feature on its Android phones. Zecter produces ZumoDrive and ZumoCast, services that facilitate cloud storage and media streaming of stored content to mobile devices. Both services will continue operation. Read more »


In 12 months, Apple’s notebook lineup will be so different, we’ll barely recognize it. Physically, the computers may look the same, but the teaser that is the MacBook Air makes very clear the changes we can expect to see rolled out across the entire MacBook line. Read more »

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I am one of the few proud MacBook Air owners in the world. Every article you’ve seen from me in the past was written on the petite beauty. I was understandably excited about Apple’s event yesterday. So why did I walk away feeling disappointed? Read more »

Cloudmade, Where, Placecast, Evri and Apigee presented their bids for the “next big idea” in mobile at today’s GigaOM Mobilize conference. If they’re an accurate sample, the future of mobile is all about location, smart filters and APIs. Read more »

Anyone reading this on a MacBook Air knows that it’s truly the lightest, full-featured notebook available. Unfortunately, it has a bad reputation. Anyone who hasn’t owned one doesn’t understand. I’m here to make a case that anyone that hasn’t used one should give it a shot. Read more »


Look back into Apple’s history, and it’s clear it never partners with a company that could one day be a threat. Apple’s decision to include Netflix on the newest Apple TV indicates where Apple may be headed with video and the iTunes store. Read more »

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There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the next iPad. The one we’re using now is only six months old, but some are already looking forward to the possibility of a new form factor. I expect Apple to release another iPad this year. Here’s why. Read more »


The Apple Battery Charger caught me as a product that made perfect sense. But what rubs me the wrong way is that it decided to sell batteries for these devices with a few claims that make its product better than any other. Read more »

Something sort of hit me in the head while reading the New York Times as Bob Marley played into my earphones: I have no visual or performance signs that a song is playing other than the music entering my head. It just works. Read more »


Amazon has announced a new Kindle. The new device is pretty awesome, both in features and price. It’s important that we declare both devices as winners and set some things straight for anyone calling iPad a Kindle killer or the other way around. Read more »


Apple updated its iMac and Mac Pro desktop line today and now technical specifications of these two machines are finally in line with what you can get from their Windows-running counterparts. Let’s take a look at these machines side-by-side for anyone looking to upgrade or switch. Read more »


In July, 2010, Apple’s flagship products (not mice, keyboards or displays) but the products Apple chooses to feature at the top of the store’s main page are now 50% mobile. It’s only now that Apple’s role as a mobile tech company becomes immediately apparent. Read more »


Apple’s Target Disk Mode is an essential tool built-in to every Mac. It has become irrelevant simply because switchers today aren’t aware that it’s even there. Apple obviously notices this trend. Two of Apple’s current Macs don’t even include Firewire Read more »


On the eve of WWDC, a photo showed up on Engadget rumored to be a new Apple product. I wanted for this product to be real. I started dreaming of a $59 price tag and all of the amazingness this product could do for me. Read more »

Apple’s iconic iPod is credited for reviving the company and helping it dominate consumer mind share over the past decade, but of my greatest fears has started to come true where analysts are now throwing the notion out there that the iPod is dead or dying. Read more »


Steve thinks that with a Time Capsule or an online backup system paired with YouTube for sharing video and iTunes at the center of it all with media consumption, the industry has made Blu-ray obsolete before it even makes it to Mac machines and I agree. Read more »


Technology in high-end machines eventually trickles down to the low-end. These sort of hand me down improvements are normal, but what do these two principles tell us about what’s coming next? Does iPhone’s Retina Display give us a hint for the future of Apple’s product line? Read more »


Apple has published a guide to ergonomics on its site since as long as I can remember and it remains relevant, but severely outdated. I’ve been secretly hoping for an update to this that includes photos that aren’t of old school CRT displays. Read more »

It’s easy for the fanboy in me to get excited for a new product. I’ve read over 300 blog posts from bloggers recounting what they think of iPhone 4 and have come away with what I feel are the biggest missteps Apple made with this product. Read more »

Foursquare, which has been nearly as exhibitionist about sharing the details of its corporate dealings as some of its users are about sharing their locations, has finally closed its second funding round of $20 million led by Andreessen Horowitz and including previous investors. Read more »

After the iPhone 4 presentation at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco today, I hit the town to talk to app developers in the event center about their perceptions of Steve Jobs’ latest and greatest device. Here’s a video to give you a flavor of the scene. Read more »


A boilerplate is a flexible term used to describe many different things, but Apple’s boilerplate is those lines of text that you see at the bottom of each of all its press releases, and it has remained largely unchanged for the past few years. Read more »


Given the recent news about AT&T’s decision to shift from unlimited 3G data plans, we were curious how much data you actually use on your device? Taking a peak at my stats revealed that I’ve downloaded 4.1GB of data and uploaded nearly a gig. Read more »


It’s becoming clear that Apple needs to improve MobileMe. Obviously, Android is now Apple’s biggest threat in the mobile space and Google’s innovation wheel isn’t slowing down. To fully understand just how bad Apple is at running Internet services, let’s take a trip back in time. Read more »

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