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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past several weeks, you’ve no doubt been bombarded with the heavy marketing surrounding the new Droid smartphone. Today, TheAppleBlog has a good analysis of the first weekend of sales for the Droid — in which 100,000 units […] Read more »

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Updated with additional details throughout: Yahoo is releasing a series of updates today for its Mail and Messenger consumer web products, and it plans to test features in search that will be launched later this year. This follows the company’s debut of its new, cleaner homepage […] Read more »

With the federal investment and production tax credits in limbo, the move to push solar technology toward grid parity is going into overdrive. Investors are getting antsy about the December 2008 expiration dates and the lengthy development period that the hard material science of solar requires. […] Read more »

Found/Read: Why one software developer went to South America to incubate his startup. Web Worker Daily: Time-saving tips for working in Microsoft Word. NewTeeVee: Dailymotion raises $34 million in a second venture capital round — less than two weeks after competitor Metacafe secured $30 million. Read more »

This could be pretty big in movie-mad India. By the end of next year, India’s Seventymm, an online movie rental and delivery service like Netflix, could become the country’s first national DVD rental company—online or brick-and-mortar. That’s right, folks, we’re skipping Blockbuster and getting our own […] Read more »

Where there smoke there does seem to be fire, at least in the case of Microsoft. The impending launch of a line of portable media players and/or game consoles – the Argo, or Zune, or whatever its going to be called – seems to be a […] Read more »

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