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Folks over at SANS have warned of a recent antivirus update that blocks access to servers and generates lots of false positives. One system administrator at a large financial services firm told us, on condition of anonymity, that the new Trend Micro pattern file took down […] Read more »

Google recently announced a new feature: forms. By combining spreadsheets with bulk e-mail, the new function (which was revealed on the Google Docs blog) lets a spreadsheet author send out a mail with fields for recipients to fill in. As they do, the spreadsheet gets completed. […] Read more »

Social graph data is precious stuff, and sites like LinkedIn face a difficult choice: They can open up their relationship maps and risk losing their core value, or they can turn their sites into walled gardens — keeping relationships to themselves, but constantly fending off contact harvesters. Read more »

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Despite Google being the undisputed leader in the search market — despite the fact that many of today’s Internet users still don’t know how to use a search engine — hundreds of startups are trying to build a better search tool. Why? Read more »

India lost half its Internet capacity on Wednesday when two strands of fiber as thick as a thumb snapped. While service is returning to normal, it may be weeks before the cables are repaired. The fact that a pair of central Internet paths are just 2 […] Read more »

DEMO REPORT: Watching TV clips on the Internet is like listening to the radio on your TV: Sure, you can do it, but you’re really missing the point. At least, that’s what Perry Wu, BitGravity’s co-founder and CEO, thinks. BitGravity runs a high-capacity content delivery network […] Read more »

DEMO 2008 brought 78 companies to the stage for six minutes each. It’s speed dating for venture capitalists, and a testament to the short attention spans of today’s market. After not quite three days, here are four themes: Read more »

Startup Vidyo took the stage at DEMO today to demonstrate a new approach to videoconferencing, following the announcement of their new offering and a licensing relationship with Cisco Systems. The Hackensack, N.J.-based startup has implemented a newly minted standard, called scalable video coding (SVC), that enables […] Read more »

Does the world need another database? If it’s easier to use than a spreadsheet and available online, Blist thinks so. The company, which is launching in beta this week at DEMO, makes a collaborative, web-based tool for building databases that can contain everything from contact information […] Read more »

Standout Jobs, a recruiting portal aimed at facilitating relationship-building between mid-sized companies and star job candidates, launched at DEMO today. The site borrows heavily from social media portals like Ning, and backs it up with a modern Content Management System (CMS) and candidate tracking system. Back […] Read more »

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Kaazing at DEMO today is launching an enterprise software platform that lets companies build reliable, two-way messaging atop web networks. Think Tibco over Firefox. And while it sounds like enterprise-grade software, it can in fact drive a new generation of real-time Rich Internet Applications. Enterprises have […] Read more »

John Wanamaker once famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Startup Adchemy thinks that’s not true, at least not as fas as Internet advertising goes. And Mayfield Fund seems to agree, to the tune […] Read more »

Before launching uJogo, a rewards-based poker site, its founders paid research firm TNS to conduct a study that they hoped would shed some light on the online poker market. What they learned was compelling: There are about 30 million adults who play roughly three hours of […] Read more »

Fabrik, a vendor of physical and on-demand storage products, said at Macworld today in San Francisco that it has made a deeper foray into the consumer storage market by purchasing G-Technology, a vendor of attached storage products for Macintosh computers. The acquisition comes less than a […] Read more »

There are huge volumes of product data in the affiliate marketing data on the Internet. Now eco-rating site Evo wants to use this information to do for green what Zillow did for real estate. When sellers want to promote their product on the Internet, they often […] Read more »

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show occupied a record 1.85 million square feet and included over 2,700 exhibitors. That’s a lot of people and resources moving through the Las Vegas area. CES had a much-publicized green agenda this year, working with to make the show […] Read more »

In 2001, just 1.8 percent of households had an Internet-attached handheld device, according to a report issued that year by the NTIA. By the time Ipsos conducted its 2005 Face of the Web survey, 26 percent of Americans had surfed the web on a wireless device. […] Read more »

While Europeans are using the legal system to enforce e-cycling of consumer electronics, the U.S. has taken a decidedly more capitalist approach. This week at CES, the largest extended-warranty provider in the country, National Electronics Warranty (NEW), said that it will try and solve the problem […] Read more »

On the eve of General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner’s keynote address at CES, we got a chance to talk about the car company’s plans for green vehicle technology with Lawrence D. Burns, VP of R&D for GM’s research and development center. Burns has worked […] Read more »

Neonode makes a tiny, gesture-driven GSM handset called the Neonode N2 that’s sexy and intuitive. Released five years after the N1 prototype, it packs rich multimedia capabilities, huge storage, and a unique navigation model consisting of thumb sweeps into an ergonomically satisfying design. And it’s made […] Read more »

As Christian Einfeldt of Digital Tipping Point recently noted, when Amazon published its Christmas wish lists, Linux devices figured prominently. And it seems like Linux is indeed all around us. Apple showed us Unix could look gorgeous; Nokia has used it as the basis for an […] Read more »

In case you missed it, the TSA has made taking spare batteries for laptops on flights much more difficult. In addition to banning them from checked luggage, the new ruling, which went into effect Jan. 1, limits the size and number of spare batteries you can […] Read more »

After a lengthy red-tape runaround, the Canadian government has finally approved Canadian-made Zenn electric cars. But you still can’t drive them in their home country. Although there’s been a lot of coverage of Tesla and other high-profile electric vehicles, a different class of cars — dubbed […] Read more »

Microsoft at its Mix’n’Match conference in Redmond, Wash. earlier this month gave the developer faithful an early look at a new technology called Feedsync, which combines subscription models like RSS with data synchronization. The result of Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie’s in-house think tank, Feedsync works […] Read more »

WordPress is growing quickly – both as a hosted platform and also via standalone blog installations. The rapid growth and its open, flexible approach to blog design, means it may become a target for hackers who embed malicious code within themes they distribute. Read more »

Anssi Vanjoki, EVP of multimedia at Nokia, unveiled the handset manufacturer’s gorgeous N810 handset at the recent Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. I got a chance to play with it shortly afterwards, and I can tell you that it lives up to much of its […] Read more »

[qi:004] Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard, released last week, has over 300 new features. Too bad the latest Java SDK isn’t one of them. And the Java developers that use Mac OS are fuming. They’re feeling slighted: In January, Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs told the […] Read more »

I was in San Diego this week, and the wildfires there were extraordinary. Hundreds of thousands of people — normal, suburban, it-can’t-happen-to-me people — were displaced, stuck on roadways and desperate for information. The nature of the emergency — multiple fires, moving quickly — meant information […] Read more »

Written by Alistair Croll, vice president of product management and co-founder of Coradiant Virtualization and on-demand computing are giving companies new reasons to worry about code efficiency. Once upon a time, lousy coding didn’t matter. Coder Joel and I could write the same app, and while […] Read more »

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