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The case of Judge Alex Kozinski has a lot to teach us about privacy and community standards on the Internet. Here’s a quick summary of events so far: Kozinski, chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, was presiding over an obscenity case when […] Read more »

Everyone’s on the software-as-a-service bandwagon. The economics make it easy to love: Running your own applications is a costly endeavor; turnkey software, running on demand, can dramatically reduce the cost of IT. A recent McKinsey study found that over 70 percent of companies surveyed want their […] Read more »

On the eve of Structure 08 in San Francisco, the folks behind many of today’s cloud computing initiatives will be gathering at CloudCamp. GigaOM is one of the evening’s sponsors: CloudCamp was formed in order to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of […] Read more »

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Startups, unable to bear the brunt of online criminal activity, could start looking to cloud computing — the providers of which have the capacity and infrastructure to survive an attack — for salvation. The clouds, however, are going to have to step up their game. Read more »’s U.S. retail site became unavailable around late Friday morning, West Coast time. The outage, however, more than just being annoying, was instructive. Here’s why it matters. Read more »

Bell Canada may have to pay for violating net neutrality. A May 29 class action filing says Bell should reimburse each subscriber 80 percent of their subscriptions and $2,100 in penalties for throttling traffic to a fraction of advertised speeds and invading their privacy. Bell had […] Read more »

As a few hundred scruffy protesters gathered in Ottawa yesterday to support Net Neutrality, busloads of teenagers on school trips to visit Canada’s seat of government walked past them, blissfully unaware that the fight to keep Facebook free was happening right next to them. Neutrality should […] Read more »

If you’re good at leading people in online games, you’re good at doing it in the real world. At least that’s the theory posited in two studies, one by IBM last year and another, more recent one from Harvard. Both studies noted similarities between CEO skills […] Read more »

VCs might dismiss small startups as “lifestyle companies,” since with only small investments needed they’re often too small for big VC firms to work with. But for the entrepreneurs themselves, it’s a way to keep control and avoid dilution. And there may be another reason not to take money, particularly if you’re targeting other small-businesses as customers: Personality. Read more »

Virtualization holds lots of promise: Move your physical machines to virtual ones, and you’ll reclaim capacity at the same time that you make operations easier. But applications seldom run on one machine; instead they’re a combination of servers, switches and routers. 3Tera’s recently announced product road […] Read more »

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First the money flowed to social sites like Facebook that showed the world how to get users to interact. Then it moved on to “roll your own” platforms like Ning that allowed people to build their own social microsites. But as Web 2.0 startups get increasingly […] Read more »

MySpace this week won a ruling against Samford Wallace and Walter Rines, reinforcing the fact that there’s no love lost between big web sites and spammers. But it’s also a sign of an escalation of the war on spam. Spammers are finding virgin territory in emerging […] Read more »

If you successfully launch a number of web firms, at a certain point the economies of scale of others’ clouds starts fall away and you may as well run your own. But is it always a good idea to build your own cloud when you get big enough to do so? Read more »

You can tell a lot from a gamer’s hardware. And in the gaming world, nobody knows more about the platforms on which PC gamers run their games than the Steam game distribution network. In 2000, Half-Life was one of the best-rated, best-selling games of all time. […] Read more »

Ask any IT professional what they dread most, and they’ll likely tell you that it’s change. Specifically, the act of putting a new application into production: There’s simply no way to know what will happen. Companies spend a tremendous amount of time and money in staging […] Read more »

In its April 2008 web server survey, Netcraft reports that Google-hosted developers (largely on the Blogger platform) grew their relative share by more than half a percentage point in the last month, mainly at the expense of Microsoft and Apache-based developers. Read more »

In the debate around Internet regulation and traffic, it’s important to understand the things that drive how much bandwidth we need. Without fixing the bandwidth shortage on the wire or in the protocols, we make it easy for carriers to claim that they need to regulate […] Read more »

Dubai port authorities have impounded two ships, MV Hounslow and MT Ann, believed to be responsible for damage to undersea cables that saw India lose half of its Internet capacity earlier this year, according to India’s Hindu News. Conspiracy theories have flourished about the source of […] Read more »

Back in November, we looked at WordPress themes being distributed by third parties who’d embedded hidden code to allow the insertion of arbitrary content. Now a rash of sites are reporting that their blogs have been subverted. Among them is Deep Jive: “I was getting listed […] Read more »

Recently unveiled enhancements to Amazon’s web services not only give customers more control over availability, they take the services closer to compliance with industry standards, a move that will ultimately make them more appealing to enterprise customers. Today’s smart startups build their applications using on-demand compute […] Read more »

On Wednesday we mentioned that was up for auction. With the bids finally in Chris Clark, who registered the domain 14 years ago, has turned $20 a year in renewal payments into millions of dollars. Read more »

Being a registrar may not be fun, but domain auctions can still be. is up for grabs — that is, if you can come up with $2.6 million in the next 20 hours or so. Domain appraiser Zetetic says that 98 percent of names sell […] Read more »

The modern browser isn’t simply a way of accessing content, it’s a virtual machine. It runs sophisticated client-side applications built in Flash, AJAX and Java. Perhaps recognizing this, Apple, eager to see its Safari browser on more than just Macs, recently decided to enlarge its PC […] Read more »

On-demand computing promises two things. One, the ability to grow or shrink capacity based on need. And two, the ability to drag and drop virtual machines instead of racking and stacking physical ones. With today’s on-demand services, although the machines are virtual, they still need to […] Read more »

Yahoo announced yesterday it would collaborate with CRL to make supercomputing resources available to researchers in India. The announcement comes on the heels of Yahoo’s Feb. 19 claim to have the world’s largest Hadoop-based application now that it’s moved the search webmap to the Hadoop framework. […] Read more »

Cut through the flurry of announcements out of Microsoft’s Mix conference this week and what emerges is the Redmond giant’s three-pronged defense strategy: consumer, enterprise and developer. Only by understanding the battles the company is fighting does it become clear where it’s is headed. We’ve broken it out for you here. Read more »

Author and productivity expert David Allen, the man behind the Getting Things Done movement, says knowledge workers are stressed because they try keep track of all they have to do, even when it’s not what they’re focusing on. The key to productivity, he says, is “making […] Read more »

Web analytics giant Omniture has 4,400 customers that, taken together, represent roughly 30 percent of the world’s online ad spending. Last year the company’s servers recorded 2.7 trillion individual interactions, each of which represents a grain of knowledge about the Internet’s preferences and behaviors. At the […] Read more »

Though the adoption of embedded media such as Adobe Flash and video players lets companies engage their visitors, it also eliminates the visibility into online activity that site operators have traditionally enjoyed. To meet that need, a raft of new companies like TubeMogul and Visible Measures […] Read more »

Want to know what your visitors are thinking? iPerceptions has launched a free version of their MarketMotive service to help site owners with that very task. Called 4Q, it asks randomly selected visitors who opt in four fundamental questions: Why did you come here? Did you […] Read more »

When it comes to greentech investments, Canada’s no slouch. With vast natural resources, a government that encourages research, and its proximity to the U.S., investors have lots of opportunities. We sat down with David Berkowitz, who leads cleantech investment for Canadian VC firm Ventures West, to […] Read more »

Last week, we wrote that the registrars were under increased pressure. Their higher-margin businesses, such as turnkey hosting, were threatened by third-party hosting, simplifiers like Google, and the trend towards distributed SaaS applications. The pressure went up a notch with Google’s relaunch of Jotspot, now running […] Read more »

There’s a lot of silicon in the world. It’s the second most-abundant element on Earth. But pure silicon — the kind you can use in microchips and solar cells — is hard to come by. Back in July of last year, we reported that silicon purification […] Read more »

Police in Quebec staged a series of raids this morning on young hackers located in Montreal and elsewhere throughout the province, arresting 17 computer users and confiscating numerous machines. RCMP allege the gang controlled a bot network of nearly a million computers in 100 countries. The […] Read more »

The promise of virtual machines is that operators don’t need to worry about where their servers are. You can have one big server running on five physical computers, or a hundred tiny servers running on one physical machine. This makes it easy to adjust capacity; it […] Read more »

Stick your hand behind a car exhaust. OK, don’t: It’s really hot. The burning sensation you feel is wasted energy. Most car engines have a mechanical efficiency of around 20 percent, climbing to 40 percent or so at optimum efficiency. That means a lot of waste: […] Read more »

Defensio recently introduced support for OpenID, which allows the blog spam blocker to track posters’ behavior. In theory, knowing someone’s commenting behavior can make spam blocking more effective. Will it, in reality, help Defensio replace Askimet? Read more »

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