While there are a few third-party Android Wear watch faces in the Google Play Store, they’re not using the official API. That’s because Google is still working on it and suggests developers hold off on publishing new watch faces until it launches.

Android Wear time dim

No, the included watch faces on Android Wear smartwatches won’t be the only ones you can choose from. You’ll eventually be able to download new ones from the Play Store, but Google isn’t quite ready for that yet. In a Google+ post on Thursday, Wayne Piekarski, a senior developer advocate at Google, said the company is working on a API developers can use to create watch faces.

Of course — and somewhat typically for many early Google products — developers aren’t waiting for the API. Earlier this week we saw a Star Trek–themed Android Wear watch face, for example, and that’s not the only one available.

Star Trek LCARS Android Wear


It’s not yet time for these, says Piekarski.

“As we work on finalizing the API, we would suggest not posting your apps publicly to Google Play until there is a stable, published API (we’d suggest using Alpha or Beta channels, available through the Play Developer Console, in the meantime). These changes mentioned above are coming soon and will make it easier for you to create great watch faces, but the existing unpublished API may not be compatible with the next Android Wear release, and no one wants to disrupt the experience for users in the future.”

The suggestion makes sense, but I suspect it will fall on some deaf ears. One of the more attractive features of Android is how customizable it is and how much you can tinker with it. We saw the same situation when Google’s Chromecast launched: Apps to extend the functionality of the streaming stick quickly appeared in the Play Store using an early version of the SDK. As Google changed the SDK, these apps lost functionality or were simply broken.

For now, I anticipate more Android Wear watch faces to appear in the Play Store, even if that’s not what Google desires. Developers probably won’t want to wait on the official API, which may not appear until the Android L release later this year, just to create official Android Wear watch faces. At that point, I’d expect developers to retool their watch faces with the official API to be fully optimized for the Android Wear user interface and for battery life.

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Friday, August 29, 2014
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  1. Adarsh P Johny Thursday, July 17, 2014

    every companies indroduse smart products how to identify its original or not?

  2. Hans Koenig Sunday, July 20, 2014

    Yeah, but we simply could not wait. Would be great to hear what you think of our classic watch face for Android Wear devices: