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Iron Man couldn’t save smartphone sales and he couldn’t save the jobs of two key HTC executives, either. The company’s CMO and Engineering head are both out of the picture, leaving the company with some big gaps to fill.

HTC One M8 build

The tough times at HTC are getting tougher for some. Bloomberg reported Tuesday that two key executives have resigned, although The Verge’s sources suggest both were “fired in a nice way.” Leaving the company are chief marketing officer Ben Ho and president of engineering and operations Fred Liu.

HTC one Google Play Edition

It’s a safe bet that HTC’s marketing campaigns over the past 12 months might have impacted Ho. Last August, HTC tapped Robert Downey, Jr. in what was supposed to be a two-year ad run, but the quirky “Here’s to change” ads disappeared faster than Iron Man’s fleeing enemies. I recall seeing only two ads. Bloomberg says HTC founder and chairwoman Cher Wang has taken over for Ho.

The bigger role to fill may be Liu’s, as HTC’s smartphone sales continue to struggle.

The company eked out its first profit in nearly two years just last month but the results were influenced more by cost-cutting measures than stellar sales. Better marketing will surely help HTC, provided it can keep innovating with its mobile devices. That may include a new tablet — the company is rumored to be working with Google on a new Nexus tablet — as well as HTC’s entry into the wearable device market, which is quickly getting crowded.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014
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1 Comment

  1. IMO HTC needs to go back to doing what they did best – awesome keyboard sliders. That’s what put them at the top back in the day with Windows Mobile. I don’t see why Windows Phone or Android should present a hurdle with that, other than the fact that they continue to copy Apple. Perhaps a leaked “iPhone Pro” showing a keyboard slider would make HTC come to their senses.