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More executives are switching around at Twitter, as it hires the banker that led its IPO.

More C-level executive changes have happened at Twitter: CFO Mike Gupta has left the position, and Anthony Noto, the Goldman Sachs banker who handled Twitter’s IPO, has taken the spot. Guptawill stay on as the company’s SVP in charge of strategic investments.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo confirmed the move in a tweet:

Twitter has seen a number of executive changes recently: COO Ali Rowghani resigned in June, along with head of North American media Chloe Sladden, in a move that led many to question Twitter’s growth capabilities. Gupta joined Twitter in 2012, replacing Rowghani as CFO. His successor, Noto, is a well-known internet analyst who, before his days at Goldman, served as the CFO for the NFL for three years.

The company said that both Noto and Gupta will start their new positions in 30 days.

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Friday, August 29, 2014
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