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Google has acquired the curated playlist site Songza. Songza stands apart from services like Spotify and Pandora by offering human-curated playlists for various moods and activities, with no ads.


Google has acquired the NYC-based streaming music service Songza, the companies announced Tuesday afternoon. In a blog post, Songza described the news as “today’s other big match,” a reference to the fact that the news dropped right as the United States took on Belgium in the World Cup.


The purchase price was undisclosed, though a source told the New York Times that it was around $39 million.

Songza offers custom curated playlists based on categories like genre, mood, decade and activity (“Drinking at a Dive Bar,” “’60s International,” etc.) and offers song suggestions based on the time of day and week. The service is free and songs aren’t interrupted by ads — instead, as AdAge noted last year, “Songza sells custom playlists and collections of playlists called ‘moments’ along with banner ads and pre-roll video ads that target them.”

“We aren’t planning any immediate changes to Songza, so it will continue to work like usual for existing users,” Google wrote. “Over the coming months, we’ll explore ways to bring what you love about Songza to Google Play Music.”

This post was updated Friday morning with information about Songza’s purchase price.

Songza’s roughly 40 employees will be moving to Google, Songza CEO Elias Roman told the Wall Street Journal.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014
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    That’s good news.