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Love everything about your Chromebook but the display? If you don’t mind a little work and have $50 to $60 you can spare, you can swap out your screen for a better panel.

replace laptop screen

Most Chromebooks share the same internal hardware these days, although there are a few exceptions. What varies more is the display used by manufacturers, ranging from different resolutions to various types of display panels. You can get nice wide angles and vivid color reproduction with an IPS panel, for example, or a hardware maker might opt for a lower-cost TN display, leaving you with a screen that’s, well a little “blah” by comparison.

This week on the Chrome Show podcast we note a few Chromebook owners that have taken it upon themselves to make their displays a little less “blah.” You can purchase replacement screens for as little as $49 or so and — if you’re a risk-taker — swap out your Chromebook’s panel.

We also discuss code pointing to Project Athena — a likely change to the Chrome OS interface — as well as an updated to the Chrome Photos app, which is now even better at backing up your precious snapshots. Tune in below or download the podcast here for this week’s show.


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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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