Can you actually type on a small display? If the right predictive technology is built in to the keyboard, the answer might be yes. Fleksy Messenger shows how its done on the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch.

flesky messenger gear 2
photo: Flesky

Color me impressed. I never thought a touchscreen keyboard could effectively work on the small screen of a wearable display but Flesky appears to have proven me wrong. The company announced its Fleksy Messenger app for the Samsung Gear 2 on Wednesday and based on this video demonstration, it looks like the SMS app is good enough to accurately predict what you’re typing on the tiny screen.

This isn’t Fleksy’s first rodeo when it comes to keyboards: The company’s keyboard is popular on Android devices and, thanks to a bit more openness from Apple, will be among the first software keyboards you can install on iOS 8 later this fall.

Like competitors, Fleksy has technology that tries to predict what a user is typing so that you can quickly bang out a message and not worry about spelling errors; the software will attempt to correctly show what you meant to say.

flesky messenger gear 2 featured


Now that Fleksy has a keyboard working on the 1.63-inch screen of the Gear 2, it can focus on other devices. And it plans to based on this company statement, which suggests more small screen keyboards are in the works:

“Typing within such a small area can be a challenge, but Flesky’s sleek design and unparalleled prediction engine makes it virtually effortless. This is one of the first steps in the direction of enabling Fleksy on all smart devices—regardless of their size, shape, and form factor.”

Fleksy says the new SMS keyboard app is available today from Samsung Apps so if you have a Gear 2 smart watch, you can put the predictive keyboard on your wrist now.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014
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    1. Thanks for that; fixed throughout. I spelled it wrong once and my browser auto-correct is using the wrong spelling. Argh!

  1. akismet-56aa4dde5d86d55783f5700797f33197 Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    Can I use this with a Gear 1 upgraded to Tizen?

    1. I would definitely think so; it’s an app that runs on Tizen so I don’t think there would be a software issue.

    2. I recently contacted the Fleksy team with the same question cause I have such device. The asnwer is no =(