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In Chromium, you can now get plenty of app information with a simple right click. Tune in to this week’s Chrome Show to hear how, along with news of the HP Chromebox, which is finally available to purchase.

HP Chromebox
photo: HP

The Chrome OS app launcher is learning a new trick: It can display more details about an app with a simple right-click. You’ll see the app version, a way to create an app shortcut and even the permissions granted to the app. That’s handy because once you install an app you rarely think again about what the app can or can’t do.

We discus the new feature, currently found in Chromium, on this week’s Chrome Show podcast. Also part of the discussion are the latest Samsung Chromebook 2 reviews — each telling a very different story — news about the HP Chromebox and our recommended extension of the week. Download the show here or enjoy it below in our web player.


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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