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Got an Intel-powered laptop, tablet or phone? In the future, you may be able to charge it without wires over distance thanks to a new agreement between Intel and WiTricity.

Witiricity wireless charging
photo: WiTricity

Hoping to rid the world of power cords, WiTricity announced a new technology licensing agreement with Intel on Tuesday. Both the wireless charging company and the chip-maker are board members of the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) which has adopted WiTricity’s Rezence magnetic resonance charging technology.

I recently saw WiTricity’s wireless charging solution in action; earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show the company provided me this demo showing how devices can be recharged without even touching a charging pad.

With the new agreement, WiTricity will be working with Intel to integrate the Rezence technology into Intel-powered devices. That could mean future computers, tablets, phones and even wearable devices with Intel inside could be recharged simply by putting them on or near a wireless charging pad.

Aside from the fact that both companies are on the same wireless standards body board, there’s another connection. Intel Capital is one of the main investors in WiTricity, which was originally spun out from an MIT project.


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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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