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Anonymous sharing app Secret announced a new pilot program that allows schools and companies to run their own private groups.

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After opening up its platform to encourage worldwide exploring on Android, anonymous sharing app Secret has announced a new way for users to tailor their experience around private groups. The company announced the new feature, called “Dens,” on Monday via blog post. With a den, users will be able to keep their anonymous secrets to the confines of a particular workplace or school.

“Our invite-only pilot of Dens follows an experiment at Secret HQ, where the 16 of us can share anything and everything we want  — just with our team,” the blog post said. “After enjoying our inside jokes, updates and secrets in our Den over the last month, we’re confident that any company will love having one of its own.”

The feature is available in an invite-only private pilot, and operates via a verified school or work email. Users will be able to post to a den anonymously by using its pre-made handle, and those secrets will be kept out of the main Secret stream. Users in dens essentially become de facto moderators as well, able to remove anyone else in the den.

Dens offer a new way for Secret users to interact with others by giving them access to people who are in their school or work-constructed social circle but aren’t exactly friends. It could easily become a way for workplaces and schools to trade information, share jokes and make Secret a less mysterious place overall. However, horror stories with private bulletin board app Yik Yak show that the power of anonymity in a closed group can also be pretty destructive. Dens seems to have the proper moderation in place to ensure it’s not a perpetuator of gossip, but its effectiveness in keeping the conversation positive will only be learned over time.

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Monday, September 1, 2014
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