Amazon is teasing a June 18 launch event with a video showing people reacting with glee to some off-screen device. This could be the Amazon phone, but whatever it is, it responds to its users’ body motions.

Amazon motion teaser
photo: Amazon

Whether or not you like surprises, Amazon seems to. The company is teasing a launch event on June 18 with a video that depicts people interacting with a product that’s never actually named or shown on-screen.

Is it the new Amazon phone the tech world has been speculating about for years? Earlier this year, reports tipped Amazon as working on a smartphone with a tilt-based motion interface, but given the video’s vagaries, the announcement could just as easily be a new 3D feature or motion-responsive interface in an upcoming Kindle Fire release. We’ll have to wait two weeks to find out definitively, though Amazon does give a few hints.

The people in the video appear to be reacting (all positively, of course) to an object or the screen of a device they’re holding in their hands, expressing surprise that whatever they’re engaged with is responding to the movements of their heads and bodies. “It moved with me,” says one of the unnamed interviewees.

Whatever it is, we’ll probably be able to get you some additional details about how and why it was created when it launches. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels will be speaking at Gigaom’s Structure conference the same day.

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Friday, August 29, 2014
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  1. richardmgarrett Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    I am going with —
    a) Kindle phone
    b) Kindle roomba
    c) Hula hoop (with ads)
    d) magic 8 ball (with no ads)
    e) the lawyer that is negotiating with Hachette


  2. Michael W. Perry Thursday, June 5, 2014

    Amazing! Amazon has made an ad that doesn’t treat men as stupid.