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We knew Microsoft has had smartwatch aspirations for some time — remember the SPOT Watches above from a decade ago? — and now it appears that such a device will work with more than just Windows Phone. Forbes reported on Thursday that Microsoft’s watch will also support Bluetooth notifications from Android and iOS handsets, which would be a clever move: Microsoft’s global smartphone share is relatively small, but expected to grow through 2018. Forbes’ sources suggest the possibility of a release within months with the watch capable of health and heart-rate tracking through optical technology from the Xbox Kinect group.

  1. Was waiting for the Moto 360 but now I really want to see what MS will release. I tried out a WP8 for a month and really like it and could see myself going in that direction but I also use iPads and currently have a Nexus phone… in other words I have a foot (and a arm) in all three platforms. A device that can work on any of them would be far more future proof than one tied to any one OS. Kinda like a Pebble but with more functionality.

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