Adding to the T-Mobile phones Walmart already sells, the large retailer is now carrying two 4G Android tablets powered by T-Mobile’s network. Both come with 200 MB of high-speed monthly data with options to add more mobile broadband.

HP slate 7 hd

The next time you visit Walmart, you might see 4G tablets on display. The large retailer will carry two connected slates starting today, according to a T-Mobile announcement published on Monday. Both will use T-Mobile’s LTE service and include the carrier’s “free data for life” package, which amounts to 200 MB of free mobile broadband per month.

Available now is the $179 Apollo Brands Trio AXS Quad Core tablet, a budget slate with 7.85-inch display. The tablet includes 16GB of storage with MicroSD expansion slot, front and rear cameras, a quad-core 1.2GHz processor and 1 GB memory.

Trio tablet

Coming next month is the HP Slate 7 HD for $229. This is HP’s improvement over last year’s model, with 1280 x 800 display, 16 GB of storage, microSD card and 1 GB of memory.

Walmart has long sold T-Mobile service and these tablet prices are relatively low, making them a good fit for the Walmart shelves. While there are surely better tablets on the market, both of these can bring mobile connectivity to Walmart consumers, first in the 200 MB of free service and then through add-on plans.

Customers can add another 1 GB for $10 a month or choose from various daily, weekly and monthly data plans with existing T-Mobile service. Those without T-Mobile service can pay $35 for 3.5 GB or $50 for 5 GB of LTE data on their new tablets.

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  1. Andy Abramson Monday, May 19, 2014

    Its all about distribution. This is a way for T-Mobile to differentiate, keeping the higher end devices in their stores (Apple, Samsung, etc.) while seeking to build market share on plans at the expense of H-P which pays for the marketing and slotting into WalMart. For HP it’s a way to keep their brand visible, while really not focusing much on the hardware sector vs. where they really make their money, on services.

  2. Well what do you know, Walmart will have it for a better price.

  3. The site — iProTablet offers a much better selection of Tablets and many with the new high performance Intel Bay Trail processor and all tablets include free 4G Access with 500MB of Data provided monthly at no charge. Overall, a much better deal…

  4. So you get to buy a shoddy tablet and overpriced data plan — typical Walmart junk. People in Asia spend $5-10 for unlimited data every month, and it isn’t capped either.

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