Google announced Monday that it has bought Divide, a company that builds apps meant to make it easier for businesses to allow employees to use personal smartphones on secure corporate networks. Considering recent reports that iOS still dominates the enterprise market, Google’s purchase appears to be a savvy move to beef up Android’s bring-your-own-device capabilities for large companies. The Divide team will be joining the Android team, but while the Divide app is currently available for both iOS and Android, the WSJ is reporting there are no plans to kill the iOS app. Google did not disclose the purchase price.

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  1. It is forever getting bigger.

  2. This is not a Mobile Management tools, it is MDM (Mobil Device Management.) solutions

  3. sirhopsalot Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    I can’t stand them, anymore.

    Sure they’re not going to kill the iOS app….

    Please …. that’s what they do they buy something and then destroy the parts that don’t benefit them.

    Buncha jerks….

    1. You first say that you are sure about them not killing the iOS app.
      Then you say that they destroy the parts that don’t benefit them.
      So maybe you are the one who’s being a jerk?

  4. Only, that’s not what I said.

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