Want Google Play Music on your iPad? It’s hiding in the iPhone version

google play music sonos

For iOS users, tuning in to Google Play Music currently means using an iPhone app, even if your device is an iPad. That tune is likely going to change soon based on information a tipster provided to 9to5 Mac: Tucked away inside the iPhone app is a setting that optimizes Google Play Music for the larger screen of Apple’s iPad.

The current Google Play Music app runs on an iPad of course, but is optimized for the iPhone: You can view it in 2x mode but it’s still an iPhone app. On a jailbroken iPad, however — here’s a guide if you want to jailbreak an iPad with iOS 7.0.4 — you can switch the UIDeviceFamily from a 1 to a 2 and get this iPad-worthy look:

google play music ipad

A¬†Google representative 9to5 Mac reached out to reportedly thought the new app was already available, suggesting the iPad version may be coming soon. I’d guess that it will be a universal app since Google has put in — at least in this version — a way to switch between iPhone and iPad displays.

Although I generally prefer my iPad to the Android tablets I’ve purchased in the past, I do use more of Google’s services. Apple hardware with Google software is actually a “best of both worlds” experience for me. I can understand if others don’t feel the same and simply stick with Apple for mail, productivity apps, maps and content on their iPad or iPhone. Google Play Music is much improved since it launched on iOS, however, and I’m looking forward to a richer experience on my iPad Air.

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