On our Structure Show podcast, CenturyLink’s VP of cloud explains why he thinks the company be the first telco to really make a dent in the cloud computing market by leveraging its network assets and offering an enterprise cloud that also caters to developers.

Andrew Higginbotham, SVP of CenturyLink Cloud.
photo: CenturyLink

Despite their expansive network assets and footprints, telcos have been notoriously slow to attract users for their cloud computing services. However, CenturyLink is trying to reverse this trend with a spate of acquisitions — including Savvis, Tier3 and AppFog — and significant new reductions in bandwidth pricing. Andrew Higginbotham (above), the company vice president of cloud computing, came on the Structure Show podcast this week to explain the strategy.

The interview is well worth a listen, especially if you’re curious how a company like CenturyLink thinks it can offer an enterprise-grade experience that also incorporates developer-favorite technologies such as the AppFog platform as a service and Cloud Foundry. At our Structure conference June 18 and 19 in San Francisco, we’ll hear from even more about how the tools and business models of the cloud — as well as the architectures underlying it — will evolve.

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