A recent update to Google Now contains a feature that serves cards showing where you parked your car.

Moto X Google Now

Here’s a nifty new feature that came with the Google Now update released Wednesday: your phone can now remember where you parked your car.


If Google Now thinks driving is your main mode of transportation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see parking location cards show up in your stream. According to a support document, Google uses device sensors to know when you leave a moving vehicle — so if you didn’t drive, and took public transportation instead, Google Now might instead remind you where you got off the bus. But not to fear; if the parking locations get in the way, you can simply turn them off.

The update is rolling out today to Android devices.

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  1. Next step

    Gathering data about cars exiting parking to guide people to open parking spaces.

  2. Tanmay Bakshi Friday, May 2, 2014

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  3. NewRealmMedia Sunday, May 4, 2014

    “Google Now is Tracking You, They track your every moooove!” (Private Eyes)

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