Could an iPhone case actually light up with notifications when you get a call or text? Probably. Could it do so without a battery or without the iPhone’s battery? Actually: yes! The Lunacase uses electromagnetic waves from your iPhone for power.

lunecase back

Unlike many other smartphones, Apple’s iPhone doesn’t have an LED indicator for alerting you to incoming notifications. Obviously, that hasn’t hurt iPhone sales, but wouldn’t it be nice to know when you you have a message without the full iPhone display lighting up? Enter Lunecase, an intelligent case for iPhone 5, 5c and 5s handsets: The back of it lights up when you have an incoming call or text message.

If that doesn’t impress you, perhaps this will. Lunecase doesn’t use any of your iPhone’s battery to light up. Instead, the case captures electromagnetic energy generated by the iPhone, turning those formerly useless waves into usable energy. Take a look to see how it works:

By harnessing otherwise unused energy, the Lunecase doesn’t need to be charged nor will it affect an iPhone battery. It’s a very clever way to power the notification panels on the back of the case.

The suggested retail price of the Lunecase will be $50 if the Kickstarter project gets funded. There are still (at time of writing) plenty of early-bird specials, however, so a $29 pledge can get you a black Lunecase for your iPhone. The project is aiming for an August delivery date for the first run of Lunecases.

  1. Great start. I hope in the future it has more alerts than just two.

  2. If the case consumes some of the radiated energy from the phone, how does it do that without reducing the phone’s performance? In other words, won’t the case attenuate the signal strength?

  3. Richard Hadley Tuesday, April 29, 2014

    Settings, General , Accessibility, Switch LED Flash Alerts on.
    Problem solved
    Cash Saved!

  4. Travis Henning Tuesday, April 29, 2014

    Seems that this depends on the “type” of electromagnetic signal the phone gives off when an SMS or phone call is received to determine the alert to display. If this is the case, I doubt it will turn on if the message is data driven (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc). So while it would be useful for some, the majority of my notifications are not SMS or calls.

  5. Natalie Krishna Das Tuesday, April 29, 2014

    That is a project that I will def. support!! It would be cool to collaborate with them with our project for a light up back up battery case.

    Check out THEO Power. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/376659305/theo-power-wireless-rechargeable-backup-battery-so

    Would you be interested in blogging about us too?

    Natalie nat @ theoelements.com

  6. What a crap idea? Who, on this Earth outs their i-Phone face down on a table or other surface? You can only see the back of the phone case if its placed upside down! Very poor and stupid thinking!!



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