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An early video look at the Samsung Chromebook 2 showed an appealing laptop with what looks like solid performance from the company’s Exynos chip. We won’t know for sure, however, until the end of May due to delivery delays.

Chromebook 2 cover

A video look at Samsung’s Chromebook 2 surfaced earlier in the week, showing off the company’s refreshed Chrome OS laptop. Overall, the device looked impressive, handing a YouTube video with ease, even with multiple tabs open including one that was streaming music.

Such performance is important because the chip powering the Chromebook 2 is one of Samsung’s and it’s far more potent than the processor in the company’s original Chromebook. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting our own looks at the Chromebook 2 any time soon. After beginning U.S. pre-orders early in April, Samsung has reportedly delayed availability until late May.

On this week’s Chrome Show podcast we share our observations of the Chromebook 2 video and also share a few new Chromecast developments: MLB.tv and a hack to stream Google Play Music to an Apple TV. Tune in below or download the podcast here for this week’s show.

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  1. Dear Kevin,

    To pick up from our other thread regarding the Venue as an always-on, low-power PC, I’ve ordered the 13″ Samsung Chromebook for the the ultimate in 1080p, low maintenance computing. I hope the next generation of the Venue supports 1080p for a seamless remote computing environment.

    The Lenovo Thinkpad 8 does 1080+ so if I find one of those with 64gb on sale for $250-$300, I’ll likely give the Dell to my father.

    I just can’t believe how much the Atom chips are doing to evolve my approach to full Windows computing.


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