A team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has already used the system to power equipment at a nuclear power plant.

By now, most people have seen a wireless charger. It probably looked like a pad that charges mobile devices set directly on top of it. But a future generation of wireless chargers will be capable of providing power across a room without users ever having to set their device down or plug it in.

A team at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology recently demonstrated a new option for wireless charging: a nine-foot-long box packed with coils that can deliver power to up to 15 feet away with a magnetic field. The team debuted the system last week and in March used it to power equipment at a nuclear power plant.

DCRS is not the first approach to long-distance wireless charging. Cota, a wireless power platform set to be commercially available next year, can charge devices from nearly 30 feet away. But even at the prototype phase, DCRS can already pack a lot of power. It can charge up to 40 mobile devices at once and larger devices like TVs.

A prototype of the Dipole Coil Resonant System can power a LED television from 15 feet away. Photo courtesy of KAIST.

A prototype of the Dipole Coil Resonant System can power a LED television from 15 feet away. Photo courtesy of KAIST.

“Just like we see Wi-Fi zones everywhere today, we will eventually have many Wi-Power zones at such places as restaurants and streets that provide electric power wirelessly to electronic devices,” research team lead Chun Rim said in a release. “We will use all the devices anywhere without tangled wires attached and anytime without worrying about charging their batteries.”

The team created the DCRS prototype by improving upon existing systems that use a magnetic field to transfer power. The team said that it is more efficient, simpler and less sensitive to interference from factors like temperature and humidity. It’s much larger than a system like Cota, but it’s supposedly scalable.

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  1. Mike Sullivan Monday, April 21, 2014

    Only problem is that your credit cards’ mag stripes will be erased at the same time as your phone gets charged.

    1. What about chip cards ?

  2. Free Power to All as envisioned by Tesla?

    1. Manuel Alejandro Arredondo Suki Tuesday, April 22, 2014

      his dream :'(

      1. not his dreAm, he ran out of fund… we are yet to dream of his real dreams..

  3. So every employee gets free magnetic resonance sans the imaging all day long, every work week? Not sure constant electromagnetic wave field is the safest idea for the long haul.

    1. You might want to move off of planet earth then. ;-) :-)

      1. Earths magnetic field is extremely small compared to what is being proposed.
        lets not get dramatic about comparing the earths magnetic field to one in an MRI machine. Get facts 1st, comment 2nd.

        1. These magnetic fields aren’t harmful at all, so these ‘facts’ are irrelevant

  4. Watches and laptops are both likely to have issues in magnetic fields too… what about the long term effects on rodents? Did they get cancer?

    1. certainly…another ambigious monry making idea for capitalists, but the fact is…we will certainly be immunized from this shit by the means of evolution and adaptation.

  5. Nikola Tesla lives!

  6. JSintheStates Monday, April 21, 2014

    Nonsense! There is no current technology for the wireless transmission of power!

    1. Well then that completely changes the way I think about the Sun.. I’lll have to rethink this physics thing.. :-)

    2. what do you think a transformer does?

      1. Crashes on the dark side of the moon?

        1. Best username/comment combo ever.

  7. Need receiving card or no ?

    1. My Nexus 5 works directly with WIWOFIT wireless charger bought from Amazon , but as far as I know some smart phone need receiving card.

  8. Mobile (or cellphone) power output is 1.6W/m, anything more e.g. a high power walkie talkie at 10W/m is considered a hazard to me.

    So what is the value of these wireless power is? The Korean just make stuff up like they did with human cloning?

  9. Pumping out all that EMF continuously is total waste of power not to mention the cost and size of all those copper coils, basic use of known electrical principles, but stupid.

  10. Look interesting. I wonder if there could be a minor health risk here due to
    the em radiation….

    1. Robert Lee Louviere Bonzadog Tuesday, April 22, 2014


      Apparently only moving magnets can produce radiation.

      But I would guess that a charger is flipping its poles constantly, in order to move something inside the dongle that charges the device.

      1. Apparently I was wrong.

        Basically, they’re using a coil that generates a field. That field is setup to resonate so that similar coils in other devices resonate with it and “accept” the field. Slightly different than relying on the induction field alone.

        It’s not radiation. It’s harmonics.

        1. Hmmm, good thing our blood is only iron based

          1. I assure you your blood is not iron based.

            “Most well-nourished people in industrialized countries have 4 to 5 grams of iron in their bodies. Of this, about 2.5 g is contained in the hemoglobin needed to carry oxygen through the blood”

            2.5g in 5l of blood? Definitely iron based.

            Oh wait, that was sarcasm (too bad it wasn’t irony).

            “Plasma, which constitutes 55% of blood fluid, is mostly water (92% by volume)”

        2. But oscillating magnetic fields may still affect humans iron based red corpuscles. There has never been a formal link made between radiated oscillating magnetic fields and human health concerns, but still, natural magnetic harmonics exist and form an existing if subtle framework within which all life on the planet has evolved.

          Unfortunately, long term health trials on such technology are impossible. It’s rather like cellphones today. We’re all labrats when it comes to their long term impact on life. Maybe constant exposure to millions of very low power radio wave devices, over decades, induces Alzheimer disease…

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