Google continues work on its Android software that connects and controls a remote computer. Private beta testing is underway so the application should be launching in the near future.

chrome remote desktop to windows

Remotely accessing a computer isn’t new and there are plenty of options to do so. One of the newest is coming from Google however: The company has been working on an Android version of its Chrome Remote Desktop app for nearly a year and a full release is likely imminent. A select few beta testers are using the software, which provides remote control of a Windows or Mac computer from an Android phone or tablet.

We noted on this week’s Chrome Show podcast that the software will likely provide a better experience on a tablet, owing to its larger display. It’s not ideal to show a full computer screen on a small phone. The app appears to work similar to Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop extension which works with any computer that has the Chrome browser installed.

Tune in below or download the full podcast episode here to hear our thoughts about Chrome Remote Desktop as well as news of the coming-soon Asus C200 Chromebook and the potential for Google’s Chromecast to become a daily dashboard for your television.

  1. Excited to test the developer version as released.

  2. Fourthletter58 Monday, April 14, 2014

    Splashtop already does a pretty good job on this but a built in version on Android could be nicer still.


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