Facebook has adjusted its algorithm to better detect when Pages are broadcasting low-quality or suspect posts.

In an effort to rid the News Feed of low-quality, spammy brand posts, Facebook announced on Thursday that it has made changes to weed out common techniques meant to dupe users into clicking and promoting content.

The most overt tactic that Facebook will work to curb is “like-baiting” — a common practice that encourages users to “respond” to messaging only in the form of liking, briefly commenting on or sharing a post. Facebook says its research shows that posts like these are 15 percent less effective than other page posts.


In addition to like-baiting, Facebook has adjusted its algorithm to remove pieces of content that get repeatedly uploaded to Facebook, AS WELL AS posts that contain spammy links  to suspect websites.

Most publishers won’t be affected by the changes, Facebook says, but “A smaller set of publishers who are frequently and intentionally creating feed spam will see their distribution decrease over the next few months.”

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  1. “A smaller set of publishers” is exactly the same as the ones showing up on Mark’s facebook stream.

    Most of these spammers are not “publishers” but idiots with no life.

  2. TheMitchNiche Thursday, April 10, 2014

    I will be interested to see how well the new algorithm works. I think it’s an excellent idea on Facebook’s part, but we shall see.

  3. socialsplashguru Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    What annoys you most about Facebook users? For me it would be the endless amounts of users who don’t have an interest in my industry or service but requests “Likes”.

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