Chromecast’s home screen has been a never-ending slideshow of pretty pictures ever since the device launched last summer. Soon, Google may add weather forecasts.

chromecast feature art

Google is apparently experimenting with making the home screen of its Chromecast streaming stick a bit more useful. A Reddit user unearthed some mentions of a weather forecast in the HTML source of Chromecast’s home screen Tuesday, which suggest that the screen could soon show the current weather as well as a one-day forecast for a user’s current location.

chromecast weather homescreen source

The code also contains links to icons used to display the weather, which look like this:

Chromecast weather icons. Background simulated.

Chromecast weather icons. (Background simulated.)

Further investigation of the Javascript code used to render the Chromecast home screen reveals that Google may actually be experimenting with a number of topics to be displayed at the home screen, which also includes a mention of personal photos.

Third-party developers have been experimenting with adding weather forecasts and other information to Chromecast ever since Google opened up the Chromecast SDK in February. It only makes sense for Google to explore this kind of functionality as well.

Asked about the company’s plans for adding weather forecasts to Chromecast, a spokesperson told me:

“We’re always experimenting with new features, but have nothing new to announce.”

This post was updated at 12:54pm with an image of the weather icons, and at 4:30pm with a response from Google.

  1. Kenny Strawn Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    Would honestly love to see Google Now on the Chromecast, redesigned for the big screen… Yup, that ought to be a perfect home screen! All the news and weather information needed, along with cast buttons in both the iOS and Android versions of the Google Now views to pull up the info from the individual cards on the screen as full-screen browser tabs (and even videos).

    Even more of a reason to cut the cable, too…

    1. We did cut the cable … after 18 years of it .. we have gone Chrome !!!

  2. A Ch0w, sneeze Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    Personal photos, yes, weather, no thanks. I have enough sources of that, thank you.

    Plus even photos, nice as it is, won’t use it much, because power consumption.

  3. wow – this is GROUND BREAKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Living in Tornado Alley we can never have enough outlets for weather !!


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