Amazon introduced Dash, a scanner and recorder that automatically links to products found on Amazon Fresh.

amazon dash 2
photo: Amazon

Amazon is has a new twist in its plan to enter the grocery market with a new hardware product introduced Friday: Amazon Dash, a combination barcode scanner and voice recorder that syncs up to the shopping cart on Amazon Fresh.

After connecting to Wi-Fi and linking to a valid Amazon Fresh account, the Amazon Dash can scan the barcodes of items and automatically add that item to a shopping cart. Users can also say a general name of an item, like “carrots” or “eggs,” and the Dash will send the corresponding product to the cart as well. Users must approve the items within the cart for delivery, and then the shipment will show up to the door within 24 hours.

Screenshot from fresh.amazon.com/dash

Screenshot from fresh.amazon.com/dash

Amazon Fresh has had an iPhone and Android app, available for iPhone and Android, that has this exact functionality, but it seems that Dash is designed to be kid-friendly and straightforward. It also shows that Amazon is taking this grocery business seriously.

Right now, Amazon Fresh serves the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle areas. Amazon Dash is available for free via invitation.

Check out the video below:

  1. why can’t I use an app on my phone

    1. Because a discrete device ends up being used more often and ties you to their ecosystem. It’s a crappy Apple like move.

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