Comedy Central wants you to watch more Jon Stewart, so it made an app that offers next-day access to full episodes of the Daily Show and other shows on the network.


Fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just got another way to catch up on the latest episodes from their favorite late-night faux journalists: Comedy Central launched an iOS app Tuesday that promises access to close to 200 episodes of a variety of the network’s shows, including full seasons of shows like Futurama and Chappelle’s Show.

Some of that content will only be available to viewers who authenticate with their pay TV provider, but next-day access to the Colbert Report, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and South Park will be available to all viewers, regardless of whether they subscribe to cable or not.

Interestingly enough, Comedy Central decided not to add any second-screen components that would for example deliver additional content to a tablet while viewers watch a show on TV to the app, and instead bills it as a “first-screen app.” That’s consistent with a move away from second-screen app experiences at other networks. In September, an ABC executive said that the network views second-screen apps as “a distraction.”

  1. Cool! They’ve got to add Key & Peele too or else I’m going to riot.

    This is a great addition to social humor apps like Chukles https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chukles/id830029446?ls=1&mt=8

    Hulu has a lot of great humorous clips as well and of course YouTube.

    I wonder if Hulu Comedy Central content deals will be affected… I guess a lot depends upon whether there are more ads in the CC apps.

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    Can’t get enough of Stewart and Colbert. Seriously funny satire for serious people!

  3. Grant Whipple Thursday, April 3, 2014

    This new app is great news for cord-cutters! I work for Winegard, an OTA antenna manufacturer, and a lot of our customers are always looking for new ways to receive their favorite shows that may not be on broadcast channels. It’s interesting to see how content creators like Comedy Central are finding new outlets to get their programs to viewers.

  4. Is this app only available in USA.
    Search in UK App Store produces 0 results for ‘comedy central’


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