The French consumer rights group UFC-Que Chosir has sued Facebook, Google and Twitter in the Paris high court over their terms of service and data collection practices. In a statement on Tuesday, the group said the French-language terms were inaccessible and sometimes — quelle horreur! — linked to pages in English. UFC-Que Chosir is also concerned about the social networking services not seeking proper user consent before allowing others to exploit their data. The claims seem rather broad, though France does have a track record of cracking down on U.S. web firms’ privacy violations as hard as it can, so the case may turn out to have legs.

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  1. Evelyn de Souza Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    Interested to see how this case of uninformed user consent plays out in the Paris High Court

  2. The right name is : “UFC Que Choisir”
    It means literally : “Federal Union of Consumers – what to choose”

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