Some people who pre-ordered the Asus Chromebox saw their delivery date come and go while others were able to rustle up a unit in retail stores. Is there an issue of supply or demand? Tune in to our weekly podcast to hear our thoughts.

ASUS Chromebox
photo: Asus

How good can a $179 computer that runs a browser and web apps actually be? Better than you might imagine. Based on early reviews, the Asus Chromebox is a solid value for those who already have a monitor and can do the bulk of their computing tasks in Chrome OS. Some folks didn’t wait for reviews and pre-ordered the small box but didn’t receive their Chromeboxes at the promised time while others have hunted down units in retails stores.

We discuss the situation and try to figure out the case of the missing Chromeboxes on this week’s Chrome Show podcast. Tune in below or download the episode to hear our thoughts on that, plus details on Google’s Android Wear platform, new Chromecast apps, and a hot tip to help you quickly search your bookmarks or history in Chrome.

  1. I got my Chromebox 2 days after the launch.

  2. i think mine is great! just received it about 5 days ago and it’s up and running. hey, i’ve got the printer (hp) working, and figured out how to scan. it’s a relief to be free of windows/dos.

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