Goodbye, Twitter Music: the app will die in mid-April


Built in secrecy and released in a high-profile swirl of hype just under a year ago, Twitter is finally pulling the plug on it’s #music app. According to a tweet from the company, #music’s iPhone app has been deleted from iTunes as of Friday, and the service will cease on April 18 — coincidentally, the day the service was first announced.

Twitter #music was meant to be Twitter’s foray into “music sharing,” intimately working with engineers from Rdio and Spotify to create an extra social layer for streaming music services. The company had acquired music ranking service We Are Hunted to build #music months before it debuted in mid-April of last year.

Although #music seems to be a flop, Twitter hasn’t given up on audio entirely. According to another tweet, the company will continue to iterate on music sharing in the future.

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