A Google Android smartwatch or health-tracker might not need an Android device or traditional desktop to sync data: Google added Bluetooth 4.0 LE to Chrome OS a few weeks ago, opening up the possibility of web-based apps that talk with your wearable.

Google Now Watch
photo: 9to5Google.com

Now that Google’s Sundar Pichai spilled the beans on a wearables SDK for Android, the timing of Bluetooth Smart in Chrome OS makes even more sense. While Google will surely gain valuable user data for smartwatches and health trackers running on Android, Chromebook users could benefit as well. Instead of using a non-Google computing device to sync or get data, Chrome OS could be used.

We discuss this possibility as well as the latest benchmarks from the new Samsung Chromebook 2, note now new Chrome OS users can get a free two-month trial of Google Play Music All Access and explain how Google made it easier to make money in the Chrome Web Store on this week’s Chrome Show podcast. Tune in below or download the show here to listen.

  1. I guess I can see a fitbit kinda device as you don’t need the information from it all the time, only when you are analysing the data so it collects till it comes in range of the ChromeOS device and then dumps the data. But that really does limited the wearable’s usefulness as it cannot notify you about SMS, emails, etc, directions, all the other cool stuff we are seeing in this emerging market.

    1. Actually Chrome OS already supports plenty of notifications from Google Now, email and more.


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